Things have finally started to quieten down a bit around here. There’s still lots of work to do, but that frantic feeling of scrambling to keep up and not having enough hours in the day has passed and I feel like we can take a deep breath and start getting ready for Christmas.

So today’s Christmas outfit is dedicated to some serious lounging. It’s a purchase I made last time I panicked in a retail environment.

I went to fashion show organised by Wake Up Little Susie who specialises in Vintage Nightwear. During the show, a delicious green chiffon 70s peignoir set wafted down the catwalk and I fell in love.

Afterwards, I hunted it down. Confident that what looks fabulous on a size 8 catwalk model would neither fit or flatter me and I would, therefore, be safe from having to spend money I didn’t have.

I was wrong. It was bigger than expected and the money just fell out of my purse. Meaning I ended up taking home the worlds least practical piece of green chiffon vintage nightwear.

It is so beautiful I am scared to wear it a lot in case it gets caught on things or the dogs ruin it. I am mostly hoping I will be whisked off for a luxury weekend away where I will need beautiful lounging whisps of chiffon.

Until that happens, I think the green and white is pretty festive. Teamed with a gold hair bow and gold shoes, maybe this is what Mrs Claus, or some of the more glamorous female elves wear when they want to feel super special.

Honestly, the shoes look nice for photos, but they’re not the most loungy of footwear, so I’m probably already wearing fluffy slippers by now.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have some lounging to get back to.

♦ Vintage Peignoir – Wake Up Little Susie ♦
♦ Gold Bow – (Similar) ♦ Gold Shoes – Jean Michel Cazabet ♦