It’s my last This Week I… of the year, and I couldn’t possibly miss it, even though it’s New Year’s Eve and everyone knows what I did for every single hour of the first day of this week at least.

I could have called this “This Year I…” and done a round-up of the whole year, but frankly I don’t have the brain power for that today, though it has been a crazy year personally. I went to Switzerland for the Fasnacht, went hunting for UFOs, ditched Retro Chick and relaunched as Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra, travelled to Dublin to play my first International Roller Derby game, got 2 adorable Pugs, did a lot of skating and was part of my team earning promotion to Tier 2 of the Roller Derby British Championships. On top of all that this was the first year that both me and Mr LLL have been self-employed, and making it through that is a pretty huge achievement on its own.

Today, though, has mostly been about a really long and muddy walk with the Pugs, eating waffles and buying a new frying pan, and it’s been amazing because sometimes it’s the little things that are the best.

Anyway, enough of that sappiness, I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve, and a fabulous 2018. But first, this week I…..

Put the Christmas Bedding on

I’m not going to go into Christmas Day, because I shared all that food and wine before. I will, however, rewind to Christmas Eve because I finally got to put the Merry Pugmas bedding on.

It seems that owning Pugs means you enter some kind of secret society where you have to own everything with Pugs on, which means I am now the owner of the following things with Pugs on – Nightshirt, slippers, stress ball, candle, calendar, and, most importantly, the Christmas bedding.

Went for a Run

I promised that between Christmas and New Year I was going to be all about Yoga and Running, and I stuck to my promise.

I even did a 5 minute morning Yoga video on Christmas Day, and on Boxing Day I went out for a 2.5-mile run. On Thursday I went out and did a proper 5k, that I’ve been too lazy to do for a while and wondered at how astonishingly hard that last .6 of a mile was.

I was planning to go for another run today, but instead I have walked about 10 miles, so I’m letting myself off. I have, however, decided to take part in Janathon again this year. Which means dragging myself out for a run with a hangover tomorrow. So wish me luck!

Went out for Dinner

After the chaotic month that was December, we decided that between Christmas and New Year we would treat ourselves to a night out, a nice dinner and quiet drink.

So we did. We went to Giggling Squid which was delicious, if over-priced. We drank wine and treated ourselves to a cab home and we were very, very hungover the next day, it was lovely.

Spent £17 in Poundland

I didn’t even know that was possible.

Remember how I said we discovered that the money you’d spend on an over-priced NYE ticket could be spent on nice Champagne? Turns out you can also go into a bit of a frenzy and spend it on gold paper plates, table confetti, banners and a light that says “Party” in Poundland.

Annoyingly I only got 16 things for that £17 as one of them was £2. At what point does it become false advertising to be called Poundland and sell things that don’t cost a pound?

Is it wrong that I even care?

Free Wine

Just before Christmas, I got a text from O2 Priority telling me they wanted to send me a free bottle of wine.

I was sceptical, no one sends you free wine? I logged on and ordered it, fully expecting to get an email telling me it was out of stock or some huge mistake. It was supposed to arrive before Christmas but didn’t. So I thought that was the end of that.

Then all of a sudden on Friday free wine arrived.

I was far too hungover to appreciate it at the time, but now I’m pretty excited. Thanks O2 and Virgin Wines!

And that was what happened in the last exciting week of my year.

How was your Christmas Week?