Afternoon folks! I hope you are all having a very happy Sunday.

So far mine has involved dog walking and Avocado on toast (which I can’t quite bring myself to call “smashed avo”, sorry, I’m not that cool, obvs.) so as Sundays go it’s been pretty lovely.

This afternoon it will involve Dungeons & Dragons and David Attenborough documentaries, so all in all a lovely day.

But enough of that, this week I…..

Got Up Early

Look how happy I was about it.

This was basically my big day this week as I had to leave my house, wear real clothes, go to London and talk to people.

I do not enjoy leaving the house before it is properly light. This is one of the joys of self-employment, that in Winter I do not need to drag myself off to work in the dark. Still, I suspended that joy for a day as I had been asked to be a judge in the Aviva Community Fund, which is a hugely valuable thing to be asked to do with the opportunity to help a lot of people.

Plus, the train was only at 8:30 so it wasn’t exactly the middle of the night, I just like to make a fuss.

The winners of the awards will be announced next week, and I’m really proud to have been able to help with the decision making.

Realised I Do Not Have the Diet of an Olympic Athlete

This was part of the lunch buffet offered for us at the Aviva offices. There were also wraps containing tuna and chicken.

Feeling like I was being super healthy I picked a tuna and a chicken wrap, lots of fruit and a macaron, washed down with a peppermint tea.

Behind me was one of the other judges, Olympic cyclist Dani King, who eyed up the food and apparently there was nothing she could eat apart from the fruit.

My diet is TRASH.

As if I wasn’t already aware of this.

I felt guilty for a full 10 seconds, before I remembered that I’m not an Olympic cyclist and my performance is probably not going to be affected that much by a chicken wrap.

So, just to compound my athlete diet sins I….

Spent £4.45 on a pint

With an hour to kill till my train I treated myself to a pint while I caught up with some work.

It cost £4.45 for a pint of real ale. Srsly London. WHY?

Later that night we stopped in the pub after walking the pugs. The pints were £3.40. I love you Norwich.

Bought a Car

In the week’s other big news, we finally bought a new car after the trauma of the last one apparently needing an entirely new engine a year after we bought it.

This one seems much nicer than the last one, though it was also slightly more expensive, so I would hope so. It’s a cute little black Citroen C4 and hopefully, the engine won’t suddenly fall out of it.

Neither of us knows anything about cars, so buying them is a bit of a stab in the dark. So cross your fingers for this one!

Took the Puggles for a walk

Yeah, so I do that every day. Twice.

But basically, I wanted an excuse to share this lovely photo of the Puggles in the mist on pretty much the only bright crisp morning there has been in this damp, dreary week.

And that is all the news I have from this terribly exciting week!

How was your week?