Afternoon folks!

The eagle-eyed who actually care among you will notice that there was no this week I last Sunday. This wasn’t because absolutely nothing happened in the previous week, it was actually because I was extremely distracted by spending the entire day watching the live feed of the Roller Derby World Cup. So I apologise to those of you, of which I’ve no doubt there are simply hundreds, who spent the whole of last week in a tizz because you didn’t know whether I’d eaten any cake (I did) or had accidentally over-ordered anything on my internet shop (I didn’t).

Before I commence spending the rest of my afternoon drinking tea and binge-watching Netflix I will make up for it, by updating you with ALL the exciting events from the last week and a bit.

Aren’t you lucky?

This Week I…..

Upgraded My phone

I had an iPhone 6s, now I have an iPhone 7. Despite the fact that in the 2 years I have had my phone they have apparently also managed to release an 8 and an X.

I couldn’t afford them, so I have a 7. It looks exactly the same as my old phone except the camera is apparently slightly better and now I can’t listen to podcasts at night and also charge it because they got rid of the headphone jack. So that’s exciting.

Had a haircut

When I got my little microbob cut in, I thought it was a stepping stone to going back to my longer bob. But I loved it so much I kept it.

There, wasn’t that a great story worth waiting a whole week for?

Watched A LOT  of Roller Derby

That picture is how I spent 3 1/2 days of last week. The Roller Derby World Cup was held in Manchester this year. Outside of North America for the first time, which was super exciting.

I had planned to go in person, but it was very expensive, and the arrival of the Pugs made it harder to go. So instead I bought a pass for the live feed and spent 3 days in front of my laptop watching Roller Derby.

Day 4 was even more exciting as the BBC broadcast it on the BBC Sports App, so I got to watch it on my actual TV. It made me very happy.

Snuck Out of My Own House in the Middle of the Night

Sunday was a very sportsing kind of a day.

Not only did I watch 6 games of Roller Derby and a game of Rugby, we also went to a friends house to watch the Superbowl. The Superbowl starts at 11:30pm and doesn’t finish till about 4am UK time, and seeing as the Pugs don’t normally see us overnight anyway as they sleep downstairs we thought the best thing to do to avoid confusing them was to pretend we were going to bed and then sneak out of the back door and put on our coats that we’d previously smuggled out to the shed.

It must have worked because they looked thoroughly confused when we came in through the front door at 4am.

It also snowed, which made the late night walk a bit more exciting.

Discovered Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

After that very late night I spent most of the early part of this week either asleep or being very grumpy because of lack of sleep.

Then I discovered they make Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, and everything was ok again.

Discovered I have a Heart Murmur

I’ll be talking more about this in a future blog post, because I discovered a lot more than that, but this was the biggest surprise!

Last week Bupa sent me for a health assessment so that I can tell all you guys about it. Most of what I discovered in the tests was either not a surprise, or actually quite reassuring. I was a little shocked to discover that the Doctor could hear a heart murmur though.

She reassured me that it was probably nothing to worry about as I’m active and my exercise tolerance is high, but I do need to go for a follow up with my GP. I’m kind of not worried, but it does keep popping up in my head a bit, so I’ll be pleased to get it reviewed by my GP and have my mind put at rest.

Just think, if I do have a heart problem, that’s probably the only thing that’s been standing between me and being an Olympic athlete, right?

Failed to get a Black Eye

Though I did lose my eyebrow and all my mascara.

Roller Derby is a contact sport, and yesterday, in the kind of freak unpredictable on track incident that you couldn’t re-engineer if you tried, I got poked in the eye with some force.

It hurt, I put ice on it, lost all my make up on one side of my face, had to take my contact lens out and clean it, but then got back on track.

Over the course of the next hour though it started to get more painful. I’ve had to take my contact lenses out completely and go back to glasses as they were painful to wear and I have a feeling of pressure all around my left eye socket and it hurts to touch or move my eye much. Basically I think I have a bruised eye ball.

What I don’t have, however, is a black eye. There is no justice in the world frankly, if it’s going to hurt I could at least have a badass black eye.

Ate Pizza

I don’t think I’ve had pizza for ages, but sometimes when you’re tired and your eye hurts you just have to order Dominos.

It’s the only way.

I think we can all agree no one missed much last week, but that was another week in my exciting life.

How was your week?