Hi there, how are you?

Todays been pretty nice so far, we’ve exhausted the Pugs with a nice long walk and had a tasty steak baugette for lunch. Which is pretty nice as Sundays go.

This afternoon I may do some hoovering. Because I’m REALLY rock n roll.

If you remember last week I left you waiting for the next exciting installment in the story of the car exhaust. Well, hold onto your hats party people, because this week I….

Spent £330 on a new exhaust

Yes, that’s right, the outcome of last Sundays story was a £330 bill for a new exhaust. We thought maybe the grit from the roads and the long drive home from Aberdeen had contributed to the demise of the exhaust. Still, these things happen, and I was trying to be positive and just be grateful we had some money put aside to pay for it.

Still, at least the car was fixed and we had it back and it wasn’t a long job, right?

Got a flat tyre

I think this picture should give you an idea where this story is going….

On Tuesday morning we got into the car to take the dogs out. The idea was to drive out, Mr LLL would walk the dogs in the spring sunshine, while I went for a run in an attempt to start perking myself up after 2 weeks of this stupid cold (which I still have)

But the car wouldn’t move.

We got out, and could hear air hissing from one of the tyres. So I took the Pugs to a nearby park while Mr LLL tried to put the spare tyre on.

Except he couldn’t just do that, could he, because it wasn’t just a flat tyre was it? No, of course it wasn’t, that would be too easy.

It was a broken front coil spring that had snapped and gone through the tyre. Goodie.

So we had to pay a man with a tow truck to come and take it away to someone to fix it. Hurray! I’ll find out exactly how much THAT costs next week.

Got prescribed more drugs

And in the next lot of excellent news which left me feeling all woe is me, the Doctor decided that my high blood pressure was a bit of a worry, and prescribed me medication.

I didn’t expect it to really bother me. But actually I felt a bit upset. I’m really tired and run down and ill at the moment anyway, and suddenly finding out I was probably going to be on medication for the rest of my life and had to have blood tests and go to the hospital and have my kidneys checked and all sorts of other dull nonsense actually knocked me sideways. My Nana was diagnosed with high blood pressure in her 20s and my Mum was still relatively young when she was diagnosed, so basically we can blame them for this one.

I hate having to take so much medication. I’m already on daily inhalers and 2 different tablets for my asthma.

So yeah, I know worse things have happened. Hell, worse things have happened to ME, I just feel a bit, y’know, blah.

Plus apparently I can’t take ibruprofen with this. I’m a Roller Derby athlete pushing 40. Ibruprofen is basically what is holding me together!

Bought a sofa

On a far lighter note, good things happened, and I bought that new sofa I was wittering on about last week.

I was actually approved for finance. My first credit in about 15 years, which was pretty exciting, and a shiny new corner sofa is on its way.

Our living room is pretty small, so we went and sat on lots, till we found one that was comfy, pretty and would fit, which was a lot harder than we thought.

At the moment the room contains a very old leather Chesterfield sofa and an oversized chair. This means we can’t snuggle up all together in the evening, and gives as a lot of dead space where junk ends up in the corner of the room. I truly believe a corner sofa is going to revolutionise my life. Which is kinda sad, but there you go.

Ate a massive slice of cake

Because I needed to celebrate getting a new sofa, and cheer myself up after all the traumas of a month-long cold, high blood pressure and a car that is basically falling apart that we only bought in January.

Found a hole in my running shoes

Honestly, will the misery never end.

Now I need new running shoes. *sob*

Watched the Boat Race

It’s not all misery. On Saturday it was the Boat Race. I like the Boat Race, I like it even more since a few years go we invented a drinking game where one of us is Oxford and the other Cambridge and you have to take a drink each time the commentators mention your team.

Word of warning. If you want to play, play this with a weak drink, not spirits.

Found a rock

I’d vaguely heard of Norfolk Rocks before. There are groups all over the country who leave decorated rocks for people to find.

Today we found one on our walk. Which was quite exciting. I’m waiting to be approved so I can share it on the Facebook group, but I’ve moved and rehidden it, so hopefully it will find a new friend.


And that was another week in my life.

Here’s to lighter evenings from now on, and the final arrival of spring!

How was your week?