Well hello there! Welcome, I hope you’ve all had lovely weeks?

I am writing this from the sofa of an AirBnB in Linlithgow as part of this week has involved a fairly epic road trip to play Roller Derby.

Mr LLL is cooking a Scottish breakfast, and for the rest of the day we plan to explore the town, take a walk around the loch with the Pugs and maybe pop into one of its dog friendly pubs for a quiet pint.

But first, we must start at the beginning.

This Week I….

Accidentally got 3 pints

This might not be the most enthralling story, as stories go, but it was its sheer British politeness that made me giggle.

We stopped for a pint on the way home from walking the dogs. Mr LLL went to the bar and ordered 2 pints, then changed his mind about one of the beers. The barmaid misunderstood and poured all 3 beers. Instead of correcting her, we paid for and drank 3 pints.

It wasn’t a hardship to be honest.

Picked the worst day to run a virtual 10k

Last week I signed up to run a virtual 10k race. The run itself, is, sadly, not actually virtual. You have to actually go out and run it. So I thought I’d do that on Tuesday.

Tuesday was muggy, my hayfever was horrific. I was tired and the run was REALLY hard. I even ran/walked part of it that I haven’t done in ages.

Still, I finished the 10k distance and that Wizard 10k medal will be mine!

Had a Haircut

And then couldn’t actually pay for it.

Which was super embarrassing. It’s not like you can offer to sweep up all your hair and stick it back on your head and return the haircut.

I’d managed to leave my card wallet at home. Fortunately they were very understanding and I just rang up and paid for it when I got back, but in future I shall be double checking my handbag before I leave the house.

Just kidding, I will totally forget my wallet again, and probably somewhere less understanding where they will make me do the washing up to pay for my dinner.

Spent a lot of time at the vets

In their ongoing efforts to separate us from all of our cash, both of the Pugs needed vet attention this week.

First up, on Tuesday morning, Peppa decided to repeatedly cough up white foam and sounded like she had something stuck in her throat. She was completely happy otherwise, but we whisked her up to the vet anyway who gave several options, including allergies, or even actually having something stuck in her throat. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory and told us to come back if it didn’t go away. She’s still coughing, but the white foam has gone, so hopefully it’s going away!

Then, on Thursday, when we were all packed and getting the dogs into the car for the first leg of the epic Scotland trip, we noticed Waldo squinting slightly. Now, you don’t mess with Pugs eyes, they are prone to eye ulcers that can go downhill REALLY quickly, so we rang the vet, got everything out of the car, and hung around for 3 hours waiting for the appointment. At first the vet couldn’t see anything, but then noticed a teeny scratch on his eye. He prescribed us some eyedrops and we think we caught it early enough as he now seems absolutely fine, if a little grumpy about being repeatedly grabbed and given eyedrops.

I, meanwhile, am trying not to be excessively worried about them both as they are both running around perfectly happy with not a care in the world.

Stayed in my first AirBnB

For no reason whatsoever I’ve always felt slightly wary of booking AirBnB. I think maybe it comes from a weird BnB experience many years ago where we booked what we thought was a full on guest house and ended up staying in a twin room in an old couples bungalow and sharing a bathroom with their false teeth and haemorrhoid ointment.

However, travelling with dogs can get expensive when hotels charge £20 EACH per night for a cleaning fee. So we gave an AirBnB a try.

We booked this place near Barnsley, to break up the trip to Scotland, and I’m so glad we did! It had it’s own entrance and was self contained. Spotlessly clean, with thoughtful touches. We had a lovely evening, some wine and cooked our own steak, then slept in a super comfy bed.

I am now sold on AirBnB and we are booked into another lovely place on the way home!

Saw some really big horses

On Saturday our game didn’t start until an absurdly late 5:30pm, so we had the whole day free.

We decided to head out to visit the Kelpies with Mr LLL Mum and Niece.

They are really impressive, so if you’re in the area I recommend stopping for a closer look!

Mr LLL also bought me some earrings with horses on them (at my (joking) request) and hid them in my kit bag, which was a lovely surprise.

Did a win!


Finally, we had our last British Champs game of the season.

I was nervous, and felt the pressure a little. I think having the whole day before didn’t help as its a looong time to sit around and think about it.

I settled down quickly after warm up, and we took and early lead that we managed to hang onto through the whole game against a tough and tenacious team. We ended up winning 261-124!

Woo hoo!

You will notice I am not in any of these pictures, that is because I stole it from someone on my team and it was taken on the bus back to the accomodation, which I was not staying in. Sob!

And that, dear friends, is where this weeks story ends!

How was your week?