Hello folks! How’s your Sunday going so far? I’ve just finished a 10k in which my contact lens decided to have a hissy fit so I ran one-eyed and my watch ran out of battery after 5 miles, but other than it went swimmingly.

I shall tell you more about that in mind-numbingly boring detail tomorrow, but first lets catch up on what I did for the rest of the week.

It starts with someone who isn’t me doing running, which is a nice bookend. Don’t you think?

This Week I…..

Sat in the Cold for 90 minutes

On Sunday I decided to be a sporting spectator, rather than a participant and accompanied Mr LLL to cheer him on as he ran 10 miles.

When I say “Cheer him on” I mean, watch him start running, and then cheer him on in the last 100 metres, the intervening 10 miles he had to do all on his own while the Pugs and I sat in the cold.

I had a piece of walnut cake provided by the women of the WI, and drank some coffee from a flask. Then I failed to put the lid back on the flask and it leaked all over my bag, including the warm hoodie I was carrying for Mr LLL when he finished running. Ooops.

Also, at least my sports normally take place in nice warm sports halls. Just saying.

Can Never Go Back to the Park

I took the Pugs to the park. I was poorly, and I was dressed a little bit like a crazy lady in floral gym leggings, a comedy sweatshirt that says AWESOME with a big arrow pointing at my face and a big blankety check scarf.

Of course, that meant there were loads of other people there walking their dogs, none of them dressed like crazy ladies. The dogs love this, they run around and have fun while I make awkward conversation in which I make feeble excuses for dressing like a crazy lady.

Then I glance down and notice Waldo is COCKING HIS LEG AGAINST A WOMANS JEANS.

I just managed to stammer a warning and she steps away just in time to save her jeans from a soaking, but her stylish and non-crazy lady suede boots got a sprinkling. I apologise profusely and take the Pugs home.

Now we can NEVER go to that park again.

Crazy lady outfit included below for reference…..

Celebrated Pumpkin Spice season

I’m not ashamed. I love autumn and treating myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte heralds its arrival as surely as an Egg Nogg Latte at Christmas.

This week I headed off to hunt one down and I had to go to 2 Starbucks to get it as the first one had sold out of syrup. In early October. I know they’re “limited edition” but srsly?

Anyway, the second shop had them, so the day was saved from disaster.

I also bought a Pumpkin Spice scented candle. Tis the season…..

Failed to Buy a Pair of Tartan Trousers

Sometimes I just get this obsession in my head and decide that if I don’t own X for my wardrobe what will I even WEAR?

This month it’s tartan trousers. I want a pair of high waisted, slim leg, tartan trousers SO BADLY.

I fell in love with these Warehouse tartan trousers on ASOS, so I ordered a size 12 and a size 14, thanks to the wonders of Klarna and buy now pay later.

The size 12s were a lovely length, the waist and hips fit beautifully, but the thighs were SO TIGHT that any attempt to sit down, or, y’know, walk or something would have immediately bust all the seams.

The size 14s were slightly loose on the waist, still too tight on the thigh, but also massively huge on the hips so they looked like weird ballon pants.

So, they all went back.

Then I tried these tartan trousers from BooHoo. They only went up to a size 12, but they were cheap, so I thought they were worth a try. Turns out BooHoo feel differently about a size 12 than Warehouse do and I actually couldn’t get these over my knees.

So they went back.

I realise now that I should have taken photos of all the hilarious ill fitting tartan trousers, as that may have broken up what I now realise is a VERY long story about me not buying some trousers, but I didn’t, sorry about that.

I still don’t have any tartan trousers, but I do have 3 more pairs on order from ASOS that I’ll be sure to update you on next week, and I’ve remembered why I don’t wear trousers very often.

Relived a Teenage Trauma

After a short post-playoffs break, the Norfolk Brawds have gone back to training this week, and we’re easing ourselves back into it with some team bonding and recovery.

On Saturday we had a fun sports day. And it was fun.

Apart from Rounders.

I was terrible at Rounders at school, I cannot hit a ball to save my life. In one particularly memorable incident, a P.E. teacher decided I hadn’t tried hard enough to not be “out” whilst playing Rounders and sent me back to bat again. I did not want to bat again. I hate Rounders, and then I may possibly have sworn at her (I said “Bloody” but at 14 that’s a top-level swear word to use to a teacher.). She sent me to see the Headmistress, I hid in the changing rooms and cried and all my school friends attempted to persuade her that my foul language was a product of my terrible home life. She apparently bought it as she came in and apologised to me and it all blew over with no Headmistress visits or other punishments.

Apparently, this incident has mentally scarred me for life, because the minute the Rounders bats came out I could feel myself regressing to surly teenager level and I actually felt pretty darn grumpy.

So, yeah. Roller Derby is fine, just don’t make me play Rounders. M’kay?

And that was another exciting week in my life.

How was your week?