Hey guys, how’s things?

Can you feel a slight chill of Autumn in the air yet? I feel like I’m just being optimistic because I just hate the sticky disgustingness of Summer, but I’m sure I can. August is here, which means I can see September peeking at me over the horizon bringing bright early Autumn weathers. Ah, bliss.

Today I shall be heading off to the gym to work in about half an hour, and then I have no real plans for this afternoon yet. We shall see how efficient I feel when I get home. I may slob on the sofa watching The Boys on Prime all afternoon. Or I may feel all efficient and reorganise the kitchen shelves. Who knows?

But before we get to that, this week I….

Found a Tree with a Face

Just so we can set the tone for how exciting my week was. Early in the week we spotted this tree while walking the dogs and I swear it looks like it’s about to open it’s eyes and share an important message about my quest.

Spent £40 on a Free Bottle of Wine

Because my never-ending quest to live an exciting life while spending as little money as possible means I can’t resist a voucher, on Wednesday we went out for dinner as we had a voucher for a free bottle of wine that expired that day.

Could we really afford to go out for dinner at all? No. Could we have just bought a £5 bottle of wine and drunk it at home? Yes. Actually do we already have several bottles of wine at home anyway? Yes. But it’s nice to go out sometimes, so we ignored all that, went anyway and put it on a credit card.

It was FREE WINE after all.

It was at Cote Brasserie, and they actually have an offer on their website to get a free bottle of wine with your next meal if you sign up to their newsletter anyway, so maybe we’ll go again.

The main courses were lovely, though I was less impressed with my calamari starter which was a little bland.

Decided to Buy a New Mobile Phone

Currently I am on a 2-year contract with o2 that expires in January. Approximately 6 months into my contract I managed to drop my phone and smash the screen to pieces and have spent the last year getting shards of glass in my finger because I couldn’t afford to get it replaced.

Essentially I have been waiting for the cost of paying off the rest of my device plan to be cheaper than the cost of replacing the screen. Which it now is.

So I had a look at the upgrade plans, and on O2 they are absurdly expensive and last 3 years.

So I looked around, and I discovered that I could get about 10x time the data and a new phone on a 2-year contract if I bought elsewhere. But the thing is, I quite like O2 and want to stay, but I can’t take a third party contract and keep my number.

This means that I am currently in the middle of an elaborate plan where I transfer my number to a giffgaff PAYG card so that I can then transfer it back to a new O2 contract 2 days later.

Good story huh?

Spent More Money on Food

This time it was Deliveroo that gave me a voucher I couldn’t refuse.

They randomly sent me £7.50 credit. Which meant we obviously had to have a takeaway, and we had to have it THIS WEEK because it expired.

We don’t get takeaways that often these days, if I’m going to spend that much money on food I normally prefer to go out, so it was a mega treat to have burger and chips delivered to our door on a Friday night. It was even better with a £7.50 discount. We ordered from Brewdog, it was delicious.

Lets hope I don’t completely bankrupt myself “saving money” hey?

Found a Slug

This scared the hell out of me on Friday night when I walked into the kitchen and was confronted with a MASSIVE slug on my kitchen counter.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed that this is not, in fact a slug at all. It is, in fact, a piece of Avocado skin that somehow escaped the bin when I made lunch and curled up a bit into a convincingly slug-like shape.

It still scared the hell out of me.

Got a Pink Plastic Pineapple Cup

Lastly, possibly the most exciting thing that happened this week (which should say something about the excitingness of this week) was that Mr LLL bought me a cup shaped like a pink plastic pineapple.

I went out for a run and Mr LLL said he’d have a drink ready for me when I got back. When I walked through the front door there was a pink plastic pineapple full of iced coffee on the table and I swear I actually made a really loud spontaneous “Ooooooh!” sound.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to see a pink plastic pineapple. Not that I see pink plastic pineapples all that often, but still. I was genuinely excited with my pink plastic pineapple cup.

Now I must drink all drinks from it forever. Everything tastes better out of a pink plastic pineapple.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?