Morning! How are you all today? Feeling fine and dandy I hope?

My Sunday will mostly involve spending the afternoon sat in a car travelling back from Kent to Norfolk, so it won’t be hugely relaxing, but the rest of the weekend has been lovely, so I can hardly complain (like I’ll let that stop me).

Anyway, before all that happens, this week I…..

Drank wine by the river

Monday’s are always my busiest day, and by the end of the day this week I felt grumpy.

Super grumpy.

I tried yoga to de-grump, I took the dogs for a lovely walk.

Still grumpy.

So in the end I turned to the old standby, wine.

The humid weather at the moment is making me feel a little claustrophobic when I’m inside, so we grabbed some plastic glasses and wandered down to sit by the river as the sun set.

I felt much calmer afterwards, so I’m sorry, but this ones a win for the bad old booze coping mechanism.

Got a new phone

Last week I told you about my elaborate money saving plan to get a new phone. I’ve been using my old one with a broken screen for over a year, and it had finally got to the point where upgrading was cheaper than a new screen.

Then I discovered I could get a 2 year instead of 3 year O2 contract for £3 less a month if I went through a third party company.

So this week saw the culmination of my elaborate plan where I transferred my number to a PAYG sim and then back to a new O2 contract 2 days later.

This means I now have a shiny new iPhone 8plus that takes fancy portrait photos and doesn’t leave shards of glass in my finger when I use the screen. Plus I’ve saved £3 a month AND have 30gb of data instead of 5gb.

Oh, plus cashback from Quidco and a tradein on the old phone that nearly covers the cost of buying out my old contract.

Money saving win.

Had a Haircut

It was a bit early, but better early than in September 6 weeks late which was what nearly happened.

I forgot to book my appointment early, and suddenly found they were all gone and. The earliest I could book was September.

Fortunately this week there was a cancellation, so I squeezed in early and now have a lovely sharp bob again.

Gosh, these stories just get more and more exciting don’t they?

Had some dog dramas

But this time none of them actually involved my dogs, thankfully. This weekend we are visiting family in Kent. My sister is away on holiday, so in my Mum & Dads house at the moment are her 4 chihuahuas as well as our 2 pugs.

Dog drama 1

Dog drama number 1 involved a chihuahua. I locked the back garden up before taking our 2 out for a walk. I counted 3 chihuahuas on the sofa, and then saw the 4th, Cleo, peeking at me from behind the sofa.

So we went out for a walk, came back, and I could still only see 3 chihuahuas on the sofa. So I looked down the back of the sofa. No Cleo. I called. No Cleo. I looked in the kitchen, I looked in the garden. I looked upstairs and I looked under the sofa. No Cleo, and that’s when I started to panic.

Full on, acid in my mouth panic. I started to doubt myself, had I really seen her behind the sofa?

I called my Mum to see if there was anywhere she liked to hide, and she said she’d come home and help us look as Cleo is a bit of a scaredy-dog and might not come if I called.

Then Mr LLL found her, by using a torch, hiding under a part of the sofa we didn’t even know she could get to.

I had to lie on the floor and breathe carefully for a while, but all was well.

Dog drama 2

Dog drama 2 happened while we were walking to the pub for the afternoons entertainment.

A man in front of us was walking his Staffy, when all of a sudden the dog spotted a cat and went mental. Pulled the poor man right off his feet so he was flat on the floor, and started chasing the cat up a wall.

Mr LLL went after the dog, which I tried to stop him doing in case it ate him, while I helped the poor bloke up off the floor.

The cat escaped up some guttering and the dog calmed down and came back to his shaken owner. No lasting harm appears to have occurred to owner, dog, or cat. Drama!

Here is Mr LLL’s artists impression of the incident.

Served and drank beer

The reason for our trip to Kent this weekend was that my Parents Rotary Club were holding their annual charity beer festival. It’s always a great fun event, and we’d offered to help serve, as well as drink, the beer.

It was a very windy day, but the beer festival location was conveniently secluded. We did our bar stint, drank many pints, listened to some music and then enjoyed a yummy Chinese takeaway.

At least I did. Mr LLL had been drinking strong cider and he only managed a few mouthfuls before he had to go to bed at 8:30pm. He’s reheating it in microwave right now.

Had bubbles at 8am

No, not that kind of bubbles, no morning booze for me. These were hot tub bubbles.

My parents have a hot tub in their garden that I absolutely love. There’s something so calming about sitting in the warm water and watching the world go by.

So at 8am this morning I was in the hot tub, with a cup of coffee and no eyebrows (I wish I could afford that semi permanent make up stuff! Srsly, without makeup I am eyebrow free!)

It was bliss.

And that was another week in my life. How was your week?