Good morning! Hows things?

As you read this I will be jumping in the car to head off the run the Marriotts Way 10k as we managed to snag a last minute spot from the waiting list.

Every other year we have run the Marriotts Way, starting in 2012 the weather has been a beautiful crisp autumn day. Today, of course, it is raining, constantly. I’m a little sad but I’m totally going anyway because I spent money on this and I need a medal!

But more on that later on, first, this week I…..

Had Homemade Cookies

I loaned my friend Jojo an underskirt for a night out, she bought me fresh homemade cookies. This seems a fair swap.

I would have taken a beautiful photo, but I was too busy eating them.

Did Not Go to Pilates

I did not go to my Pilates class on Tuesday, because this time it was Waldo’s turn to go to the vet.

Last week we took Peppa for itching. This week on Tuesday afternoon Waldo jumped off the sofa and suddenly went all weird. His tail was down, he looked all sad and refused to get back up on the sofa. When he didn’t improve in an hour or so I started to panic. We tried to take him for a walk and he refused to go, so we booked him an emergency vet visit.

After checking every possible thing he could think of, the vet noticed some tenderness around his hips and lower back. One pain killing injection, a prescription for Metcam and £60 later and he seemed almost back to normal. Hopefully he’s just landed funny getting off the sofa and will be his normal grumpy self by the end of the week.

Had a Bike Disaster

So far I have been riding my Pushing Ahead Norfolk loan bike for 3 weeks without changing gears. I thought I had it on a very high gear, but it seemed I rarely needed to actually pedal.

On Tuesday lunchtime I thought I’d take the bike for a nice ride down Marriotts Way. There are no cars and I thought it would be a good chance to have a long ride without having to get scared and get off and push it across busy roads.

Less than a minute onto the path I thought “hey, now would be a good time to experiment with those gears everyone keeps telling me about”. So I flicked the lever, it made a clunking noise, the chain fell off the bike and I came to a stop. I have never had to put a chain on a bike. I looked and there seemed to be too much stuff in the way. I searched for YouTube videos and they all talked about screwdrivers and complicated equipment. So I stopped and drank my coffee and ate my sandwich.

Mr LLL came to meet me and rescued it by turning the bike upside down, at which point I could see it was very easy to put the chain back on. So the bike is now saved, but by then lunchtime had passed so I just went home. I still need to head back out for my ride.

I also had some more advice about gears. Apparently there is another secret gear lever on the other handle, and after moving that one up to 3 I now need to pedal occasionally. I’m getting the hang of this cycling lark, I swear.

Got Very Wet

If Tuesdays photo was Waldo looking sad at the vet, Wednesdays photo is of Waldo looking sad because he got soggy.

Yes, it’s been basically torrential downpours all week, but on Wednesday morning it LOOKED sunny. So we went out, and discovered it was actually raining a fine, icy cold rain. We pushed on, but it got heavier and heavier, and by the time we got home we were all very soggy.

Later on that day I embarrassed myself slightly by ringing the vet in a panic because Peppa was shivering and I was scared it was a side effect of her new tablets. It wasn’t.

We turned the heating up and she stopped.

Found a LoLo Ball

In one of the more bizarre coincidences of my week, I randomly found a toy from the 80s.

Earlier in the week I’d been talking to a client at the gym about how the bosu ball reminded me of a toy I had in the 80s that was 2 bouncy balls between a platform that you stood on. I seemed to remember it as a LoLo ball, though that may be a brand name. I did not know if they still made this toy and I would swear I hadn’t thought about it for about 30 years.

The following day we were walking home from the park with the Pugs and what should I spot just randomly sitting in the gutter?

Can you guess?

How absolutely random is that?

Started Cocktail Week

To end the week, last night was the start of Norwich Cocktail Week, an event we’ve been working on for the last 3 or 4 months.

Saturdays are always pretty busy anyway, so as we were also running a 10k this morning last night was quite restrained with just a single Bullards Gin and Tonic. After our run today we’ll be heading out for more cocktails, hopefully it will stop raining!

And that was another week in my life!

How was your week?