Hi there, welcome to a happily much fresher Sunday.

I’m extremely relieved at the change in the weather as I am a massive Summer Scrooge. I like a pleasant spring day (at least before hayfever season starts) and give me a sunny and crisp September day anytime, but Summer really sucks. I have hayfever, it’s too hot for the Pugs. It’s too hot for me and it’s full of bugs.

Today’s plans involve picking the Pugs up from a long overdue groom, a PT session and a few beers over Zoom.

But first, this week I…..

Updated my mask wardrobe

I started with a basic navy mask that Mr LLL bought early on in the apocalypse. But that was a bit serious and dull, so I bought one with stars on from Etsy.

Then some more turned up in fancy colours, I think Mr LLL went on a bit of a spree.

Anyway, I now have a mask for all occasions. Nearly.

Resorted to desperate measures

I’ve got off pretty lightly so far this year. But I know my peak hayfever season is on its way.

There’s always one or two weeks in a year when my prescription tablets are basically useless and I spend half the night awake with an itchy throat and red eyes, topping up with over the counter antihistamines.

A friend recommended a qu chi acupressure band that she has been using, so in an “I’ll try anything” kind of a way I spent £13 on one from Amazon.

Does it work? I really don’t know. I am sceptical, but a few times lately I have had a scratchy throat and put it on and it does seem to have subsided. Not completely, but I’m not yet at 5 tablets a day stage. So let’s see how it goes.

Dyed my hair

You’ll know this if you saw my photo an hour earlier this week.

I did my roots and then decided to try out a rose gold toner. It is not rose gold.

I also have a pink, I might put that on next.

Had a Poorly Pug

Poor Peppa has had a bad week. If you read my photo an hour you’ll know that on Wednesday we noticed her eye was a little cloudy and took her to the vets where she was given drops for an eye ulcer.

You’ll be pleased to know that after 2 days of drops in the middle of the night we took her back to the vet and the eye ulcer is nearly gone. We just have to give her drops for a few more days and she should be fine.

She’s also a lot happier now the weather has cooled down.

Went out for dinner

Restaurants might be opening next week, but I think it’ll be a while before I feel completely happy going to one.

So for us, the new dinner out involves making your own food, putting in takeaway containers and carrying it to the park in an insulated bag to eat at a picnic table with a bottle of wine.

It was seriously nice to be out of the house and we then went home and escaped the heat by drinking more wine in our garden lit by fairy lights. It was a very pleasant “new normal” kind of evening.

Nearly lost Peppa

In more Pug related news. Peppa had a row with a dog in the woods and made me run up a bloody big hill to catch her.

Peppa is normally the loveliest of dogs, but if she thinks someone is threatening her people she can get very protective.

While we were out at the woods another dog snapped at Waldo and then started barking. Peppa was having none of this and leapt to our defence with some warning barks, despite being approximately 1/4 of the size of the other dog.

We took her away and continued walking in another direction.

As we turned a corner to go up a hill we saw the other dog a way ahead of us, so we hung back to put some distance between us. Peppa, however, was not fooled and could smell the other dog with her magic doggy nose and shot up the hill in fury.

She didn’t respond to shouting or our normally magic whistle and I ended up sprinting up the hill, eventually finding her in a clearing at the top furiously sniffing at the paths to find out which one the enemy had gone down.

I put her on her lead and sat down on the floor for a bit of a rest (read: collapsed in exhaustion)

It really scared me, so I shall worry about that for ages.

Guaranteed the coolest summer on record

And finally in this weeks big news. I apologise to those of you looking forward to a hot summer, because I have just single handedly guaranteed it will be the coolest one ever.

Much like the day last week when I put on my “gosh it’s hot” playsuit and it immediately started to rain. This week we spent £50 we can’t really afford on a glorified fan with a tray you fill with water in an attempt to cool the house down a little.

Actual air con is way out of our budget, so this is another desperate measures attempt, and it does seem to work somewhat.

However now we have bought it we have virtually guaranteed that the weather will be freezing for the rest of the year. Sorry.

And that was another week in my lockdown life.

How was your week?