Good morning folks.

I hope it’s slightly cooler where you are this week. It is here, though still humid as hell.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today so will be spending most of the day on the sofa with the Pugs, but there’s still time for a bit of a check in.

This week I….

Had an Absurdly Hot Lunch

Last Sunday was my last chance to see my Parents before their holiday ended and they went home. So on Sunday I booked us a table for a Sunday Roast.

Actually I tried to book us 2 tables next to each other and outside to ensure that we could stay 2m apart from each other, as per the guidelines. But when we arrived we were told they’d put us all on the same table as it was ok for 6 people to sit together. That’s not true, for the record, but I was too hot to argue so we sat at either end of a table for 6 and did our best.

It was a delicious lunch, but as the sun moved round it was just uncomfortably hot and I thought I might melt so went into the air conditioned shop and bought a bottle of wine as a gift for my Parents.

A gesture my Mum immediately ruined by buying me an even more expensive bottle of wine.

We sat in the garden and drank it that evening as the perfect end to a mini holiday.

Got Very Hot

The next 4 days were so hot that all I did was stay indoors next to the air con unit. Which is a purchase I haven’t regretted for a second.

This was the temperature in the shed/workshop where poor Mr LLL was trying to work.

Yes, I purchased a digital thermometer specifically so I could complain about how hot it is with FACTS.

I do like to have data.

Saw a Tiny Tiny Frog

A descendant of the tadpoles rescued in an empty Pimms bottle circa 2016.

It was very tiny.

Dyed my Hair Pink

It was an impulse pink.

I was bleaching my roots and spotted the pink toner next to the silver toner and thought. Hmmmm.

It doesn’t last long, I’ve probably got 2 washes max till it’s all gone. I do like it Pink though, so maybe I’ll get some more.

Went for a Nice Long Walk

Well, a slightly damp and humid long walk.

I’m getting very into walking and when I get the chance I’ve been going out with Mr LLL, a long time walker, for hikes of around 10 miles. I even bought a special bag to take with me. It’s a “sling” style rucksack, and the exact thing I wanted fortunately also came in a design that included flamingos and cactuses. What a shame.

We ate lunch on a log before heading home. At the time to prepare for an evening out with some friends. Our first proper evening out since lockdown.

Had a COVID-19 Test

Evening plans soon changed, however.

I’d been feeling a little breathless all day, but nothing that is unusual for me in hot and humid hayfever season. When I got home I started to feel a bit hot. I thought I was just windswept from being outside, but I got the thermometer out to reassure myself.

Except it didn’t reassure me, it told me my temperature was 37.4, when normally it’s around 36.6-8. Not quite high enough to qualify as a “fever” according to the NHS, but high enough to convince me I should cancel my night out and get a test.

So we booked a slot, and drove over to the testing centre.

It was all quite dramatic and Zombie movie-esque. The staff held up little signs and you had to nod and shake your head from inside your car with your windows up as you drove round.

Mr LLL thought it was a bit like a Secret Cinema event.

They hold up a sign with a phone number for you to call and then give you instructions over the phone while poking a test kit through your window.

You Park up and complete the test yourself, swabbing your throat and nose, then putting the swab in a vial.

I obviously managed to mess up even this simple task by failing to snap off the tail of my swab, sending it pinging across the car and we had to put our hazard lights on to get another.

Then we came home to spend the evening worrying and feeling sad that we weren’t at the pub.

My temperature was still slightly up this morning, but no worse than yesterday, and I feel very tired, despite having had over 8 hours sleep last night, but otherwise no different than the level of terrible I normally feel in August.

I held off publishing this today till I had the results. And…..

It was negative.

So THATS a relief at least, it it doesn’t change the fact I feel a bit poorly. So boo hoo for me.

How was your week?