Well, hi guys. Another Sunday.

Honestly I’m not sure where to start with this week. I am currently on my 4th day in hospital, and am planning to spend the afternoon on my exciting adjustable bed watching Drag Race on my laptop and attempting to not be stressed and miss my Puggies.

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning though, so, this week I….

Went back to the gym

Not for me, obviously, I can barely walk, but with a couple of clients. I had to do all sessions downstairs as I struggle with stairs right now, but it was quite nice to be back and see everyone again, even from a 2m distance!

Did some day drinking

On Tuesday we decided to treat ourselves to a pub visit WITHOUT the Pugs. The luxury! So in the afternoon we went round the corner to the pub, drank some absurdly strong beer, then came home and fell asleep on the sofa.

It was nice!

Had an MRI

Ok, this is where this week goes a bit crazy.

On Thursday lunch time I was booked in for an MRI. It had been bought forward from the original booking in June by my GP.

I expected to be scanned, go home, crack on with some work and have my GP tell me on Monday that I had a slipped disc.

Instead I was log rolled onto a scoop to stabilise my spine and rushed into A&E with a collapsed vertebrae.

Had a lot of tests

I’ve had blood tests, 2 MRIs and a CT scan and so far they are all clear.

The surgeon is convinced there is a reason for my mysterious spinal collapse, so next week I have to have a biopsy, plus some heavy duty surgery to stabilise my spine. I don’t know if they’ll do them both at once or on different occasions.

Not going to lie, I’m a bit scared. Surgery and General Anaesthesia has always been a big weird paranoia for me.

But all I can do now is sit on my comfy bed and let other people deal with that stuff.

Ate a lot of yellow food

Like A LOT.

For some reason hospital food is all beige and yellow.

Even the jelly was yellow. The only fruit I’ve seen is a yellow banana and some orange juice.

Thankfully Mr LLL had bought me in a salad and a sandwich for lunch today, so that’s nice.

Got some sexy green socks

Because I am now a lady of leisure lounging on a hospital bed for all the hours of the day I am now required to wear compression stockings and have heparin injections.

I have discovered you can buy medical grade compression stockings with stripes and polka dots, so let’s see how long I’m here shall we?

Got a bit stressed

Apparently I have a bit of a temperature as well. I am convinced this is a combination of a stupidly hot hospital and stress.

My Garmin agrees. It has a stress rating on it. I’ve never really paid that much attention, but I was amused to discover that Thursdays entry looks like this.

Friday and Saturday are pretty much the same. So I’m attempting to listen to some plinky plonky chill music and do some meditation.

My body needs its resources elsewhere right now.

So. This week has been quite an intense escalation of the whole “bit of a bad back thing”

I hope I’ll see you again next week!

How was your week?