Hi! How’s things? Just checking in because it’s Sunday again, and a bank holiday no less, for those of you it makes a difference to!

This afternoon I have spent watching Canadian Drag Race after a chilly morning at the bandstand. I shall probably continue to do more of the same.

But first, this week I….

Still couldn’t walk

Those of you who have read last weeks catch up will know that on Friday morning I had a terrifying few minutes when I woke up and couldn’t walk without shooting pains down both legs.

I’m sad to say that since then that has become part of my new normal. It’s not *as* bad every day, but it happened again Monday morning, and almost every morning since.

Fortunately I have had my MRI moved forward to this week, so hopefully some progress with a diagnosis will happen.

Got a new phone

Something I forgot to mention last week is that I very cleverly managed to move my tripod with my phone still in it after a coaching call, throw it on the floor and smashed the screen to bits.

Fortunately I was able to upgrade, so I have a shiny new iPhone 11 and am slowly adjusting to life without a home button.

Got poked and prodded

In an attempt to fix myself, me and my credit cards have been throwing money at the problem.

This week I visited an osteopath and an acupuncturist. Both were great, but I can’t say I am yet feeling any long term relief.

The acupuncturist also used Gua Sha, which is a massage using a flat stone. It actually feels great, but looks very disturbing, probably avoiding strappy tops once you’ve had it is a good idea…..

Had a hair cut

Oh thank you thank you thank you back gods for making it so that I managed to sit in a chair and have my hair cut.

I have been stressed about this since my back went bad again because I last had it cut in December and we didn’t have long before I lost my temper and shaved the whole lot off.

It feels so good to have my little bob back again!

Terrible photo, but it’ll have to do!

Had another disappointing Physio call

Getting treatment for my back pain has been, well, a total pain, mostly thanks to the Physio, and I may have a bit of a rant.

After being dismissed back in January I felt fairly positive after I contacted them again in April.

However, on this fortnightly follow up call it has become obvious that despite speaking to me 4 times she has pretty much no idea who I am, and has already forgotten everything she said to me last time.

She asked me how often I was doing “the exercises” when last time she told me to stop doing them. She gave me a completely different prognosis than last time. Asked about my weight, despite already having been told that I injured my back training originally and told me “not to worry about it” as I would make it worse and told me she thought it sounded like I was trying to push through too fast (I’ve done nothing by a few stretches and walking the dogs since March) leaving me with the distinct impression that being in pain is ALL MY FAULT.

I don’t feel like I’ve had any helpful advice or support and I just don’t understand why no one can see me in person. Considering there’s always a slight chance this is something medically severe, in the last 6 months the physio has done no physical tests on me at all other than asking me to try and touch my toes and do a bridge on a video call.

It’s frustrating and I can’t help but feel if I’d been assessed properly in December maybe I wouldn’t be in this place now.

There. Rant over. Let’s move on to something nicer.

Took the Pugs to the Pub

On a Friday night no less. We managed to grab a table at their favourite as went by after our very slow walk.

There is nothing more British than sitting shivering in the cold outside a pub in April drinking a nice cold beer wearing your chunkiest jacket.

Although walking and lying down seem to be presenting more issues for me, sitting seems to have, thankfully, got a little easier, so with great caution I can at least have a drink and eat my dinner at a table.

Who needs to walk or sleep anyway!

And that is another week in my life. Apologies for the down beat rant.

I remain confident that normal service will soon resume.

How was your week?