Hi there. It’s Sunday again.

The sun is occasionally shining and sunnier days are coming. Today, however, is a little grey and chilly so I plan to spend the afternoon under a blanket watching the Drag Race final.

But first, this week I…..

Went to all the pubs

This pub reopening lark has somewhat gone to our heads and I think this week we’ve visited every pub within a 10 minute walk of our house, which is a surprisingly large amount of pubs.

On Sunday we met some friends that we haven’t see for a while for a sunny afternoon drink, that was enjoyably normal feeling.

Then on Tuesday we walked the dogs and, wonder of wonders, there was a free table outside their favourite pub.

It’s their favourite pub as they get lots of treats,and this time was no different. They looked so happy and it was so nice that I nearly did a little happy cry.

Then, in another astonishing turn of fortune, there was a table outside another notoriously busy nearby pub. So we stopped for another.

I had to stand next to the table as my back was hurting, but it was still lovely!

Had an impulsive mini break

We’ve all been feeling a bit blue lately, and I was looking for a present to buy Mr LLL to cheer him up when it occurred to me that he didn’t need a present, he needed, like me, to not be in this house anymore.

So I checked on Airbnb and managed to book a dog friendly night in a yurt just half an hour away from our house. I can lie flat in a yurt as easily as on my sofa after all.

We ate burgers, drank fizzy wine and watched the sun set through the ceiling window, it was very relaxing and I highly recommend it!

Had a terrifying few minutes

In less cheerful news, very early on Friday morning I woke up and got out of bed to go to the bathroom, only to find intense shooting pains across my hips and tailbone. They didn’t stop and continued with every step I took. I thought I was going to collapse and struggled downstairs using my arms to support me on furniture.

When I got back to bed and laid down I could still feel the pains shooting across my hips and down my legs. I thought “is this it? I can’t even lie flat or stand now?” I didn’t really know what to do. I was pretty scared.

Eventually they eased a little and I managed to get back to sleep. When I woke again a few hours later the pains thankfully didn’t return although I was still pretty sore and am enjoying the whole new back issue of pains that shoot down my spine when I turn my head too suddenly. Yay.

Next week I have appointments with my GP, physio, and osteopath and an acupuncturist, so hopefully one of those things will help.

And that, I’m afraid, just about covers another exciting week in my life.

How was your week?