And so we’re back.

Not from out of space, just back for another weekly check in.

Once upon a time I wrote other things, maybe one day I will again.

Today’s plans involve getting my 2nd Covid jab. Which frankly sounds like an exciting adventure out of the house right now. Then probably watching some TV. Excitement all round.

But first, this week I….

Had an illegal hug

My Mum and Dad drove all the way from Kent just to have lunch with us on Sunday after their trip for our birthday had to be cancelled.

Technically hugs weren’t allowed till Monday, but we had one anyway. We’d had tests and they weren’t going to be here on Monday and it’s been a rough week ok.

Then we are an epic roast dinner delivered by the Giant Yorkie Company. Highly recommended.

Threw some jewellery across the room

On Tuesday I got an appointment for a follow up MRI. They wanted to see if the steroids have made any difference to the inflammation in my spine.

Before I went I carefully removed my wedding ring, belly button ring, necklace and watch. Wore specifically non metallic clothing and examined myself for all metals.

Then as I was lying in the scanner and heard it make it’s first “brrrre” I realised I was still wearing a ring.

So I panicked and took it off and hurled it across the room.

Then I pressed the buzzer which made the MRI man a bit cross.

It was all fine. The nurse thought it was hilarious and she was the same nurse who had helped wheel me into A&E 2 weeks ago and she remembered me so I guess that was an exciting day in her MRI life.

Had a Someone suck my bones out with a straw

In an epic schedule fail I also had a bone marrow biopsy to have at 3pm on Tuesday, which meant some slightly uncomfortable time lurking around the hospital.

I signed up to donate extra for research, including agreeing to be cloned, so I imagine they are currently turning me into a super powered assassin to send off on missions around the world.

Gonna tell you. Bone Marrow biopsy’s feel weird. They suck blood out of the inside of your bones, and that’s exactly what it feels like. If they go a bit fast it feels like when you suck the end of a really thick milkshake. I wouldn’t say painful, just weird. Then they use what is basically a medical Apple corer to drill a bit of marrow from the middle of your bone.

Then they won’t let you take photos of it for social media because apparently that’s gross. So instead you get to have a photo of the big hole and bruise on my back when I took the lumpy dressing off 24 hours later.

Got some lovely pressies

One thing I have learned in the last few weeks is that everyone I know is much nicer than me. I worry about people a lot and I want to do nice things but I am disorganised and probably a horrible person so I don’t.

But this week many people have taken time to check in on me, bring me chocolate and plants to kill, send me hilarious dog videos and other lovely things.

One of the gifts included a fantastic care package from my Roller Derby team that included an incredibly thoughtful pair of Pug earrings that are photos of my ACTUAL babies, so I can take them with me when I have to go back into hospital.

I cried.

Mostly felt like crap

I’m assuming it’s the big doses of steroids that I’m on, but mostly this week I have felt bloated, tired, a bit weak, and my face and neck are very tense, but that’s no surprise really.

Also, I can’t even enjoy a glass of wine properly because it makes me feel hot and patchy and bloated. OH MY GOD WILL IT NEVER END!

Yes it will, it’s a 2 week course so they stop on Tuesday I think. It’ll be fine.

Got super cheesy

Because Saturday was EUROVISION!

I bloody love Eurovision, so I hydrated and de bloated as best as I could so I could attempt to enjoy a drink (wasn’t too bad actually!) and we played Eurovision bingo and watched over Zoom with some friends.

It was really great fun and we stayed up till MIDNIGHT which is like, super late for me these days when I’m out like a light by 10pm.

Also. The UK literally got 0 points. Do you think we pissed anyone off at all?

And that, those of you who like to keep up. Was another week in my astonishingly fascinating life.

How was your week?