Well guys, I hope you weren’t anticipating any major excitement this week because I’ve mostly been lying on cushions feeling bloated and worrying about my spine collapsing.

At the moment it is not raining so I am lying on cushions in my garden to get some fresh air, which is nice, and I shall probably do that for most of the day.

But first, this week I…..

Had my second jab

Hurray! Just 9 weeks after my first jab I got the invitation to book my second. I could get it earlier by going to the bigger vaccination centre at a local shopping centre, rather than the local surgery I went to before, so that’s what we did.

It took a little longer, there was about 45 minutes of queuing and sitting on chairs which wasn’t hugely comfortable for me, but I am now fully vaccinated and that is a good feeling, especially considering cases seem to be going up slightly and it’s very likely I’m going to end up in hospital again soon.

Dyed my hair

I am on a personal mission not to just completely fall apart while I am waiting for my back to be fixed. And that meant this weeks mission was to do my roots.

Everything seems to be extra hard work at the moment, so I got them done, then had to have a bit of a nap. What has become of me?

Felt really terrible

Honestly, at the start of May I had a really painful back. Then I went into hospital and they stuck loads of needles in me, pumped me full of drugs and put me on huge doses of steroids and now I have a less painful back but the rest of me feels like absolute crap.

I am really bloated, my ears and jaw hurt which I have no idea whether I’ve picked up an ear infection or something or if it’s just because I’m so tense and grinding my teeth in my sleep. I have a metallic taste in my mouth and my lips and tongue for some reason feel numb. My hands are also inexplicably shaking all the time.

I stopped taking the steroids on Tuesday so I thought it would pass, but it hasn’t really, so maybe it’s not that? Maybe it’s stress? Maybe I have some other hideous disease? Who knows but if it’s not passed over the bank holiday weekend I guess I should attempt to get an appointment with my GP. Sigh.

Had a basically pointless hospital appointment

On Thursday my follow up appointment with the consultant was booked. Except when I arrived the consultant wasn’t in clinic so I saw a registrar who didn’t really know anything about my case (though he did say the consultant had just called in to ask if he’d seen me, which was reassuring)

After much faffing around with computer systems I did learn that the biopsy of my vertebrae had not shown any abnormal cells, but apparently that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just that there weren’t any in the small sample they took, so that was not bad news, but not good news either.

The bone marrow biopsy results were not all back, but the preliminary results also did not show anything abnormal. So again, no bad news, but no good news either.

So basically I was sent home to wait for a letter or a phone call to let me know what happens next.

It’s very frustrating, and I need to figure out a way to get back to work until I find something out.

In the mean time I shall be mostly lounging on cushions.

Got stalked by an algorithm

A few weeks ago I couldn’t open Facebook without being stalked by adverts for Oodies. Now I have an Oodie the algorithm has apparently decided my future is in dungarees and smock dresses. Basically things that are nice and loose around my waist.

I swear every time I open Facebook I am stalked by some kind of variation on these. I’m going to give in and buy some just so they leave me alone.

And that was another exciting week in my life. Who knows what excitement next week will hold?

How was your week?