I don’t normally post when famous figures die. I’ve never really had anything to say before, but I find myself so genuinely shocked and saddened by the news of the terribly untimely death of Alexander McQueen that I wanted to acknowledge it here, on these pages.

Alexander McQueen was the “enfant terrible” of British Fashion when I first started to take a proper interest in the mid 1990s. He was the first person to make me realise that fashion and personal appearance could be “art” rather than just a way of separating the foolish and rich from their money. The man responsible for “bumster” trousers and for turning Kate Moss into a hologram, and, finally for those infamous “lobster shoes” from last seasons collection. He could certainly never be accused of being “dull” or “safe”

He will truly be a real loss to British Fashion. You can read the BBC news story here.

I leave you with the beautiful holographic Kate Moss from 2006.

RIP Alexander McQueen