So todays make up tutorial is the classic red lipstick and black eyeliner.

I’ve never really understood the association of red lips with romance, unless your snogging partner (don’t you just love that word? Snogging.) likes wearing red lipstick too, and you like to wear it all round your face.

To me red lipstick screams classic, elegant, untouchable sex appeal. A look for the woman at a smoky bar drinking neat scotch and subtly licking the rim of her glass first so as not to leave lipstick marks (handy tip for you there) and silently cutting dead the men that try to approach her.

Years of trying every available product have taught me that a liquid liner with a firm tip, either silicone or a pen are easier to use than a brush, so that’s what I use here. I also forgot to mention how I do the eyeliner, I try and draw one fine line from the centre to the corner, and then use short light strokes to join the inner corners to the middle. Still getting used to this video thing and I forget to mention things!

These videos were all done at once, so no chance to sort out the sound yet I’m afraid! Tomorrow I’m doing a smoky eyes look. You can subscribe to my You Tube channel here to make sure you’re the first to know about it!

This is the look I’ll be rocking at the Havana Ball on Saturday.

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