Well, it’s been a busy weekend here at camp Retro Chick.

On Friday night it was the second event organised by The Bridewell Collective at Lady Lucks Boutique in Bridewell Alley.

The first, in December was a vintage hair styling demo, this time around the focus was on love and lust in honour of Valentines Day.

Many of the fabulously dressed crowd had taken advantage of the express hair styling appointments offered by Flint Hair and Flamingo Amy that afternoon and there were some truly stunning elaborate “do’s” going on, including those of the Bad Hatters (more later on!).

We had the opportunity to shop Lady Lucks Boutique, eat gorgeous sweet things (gingerbread and cupcakes, made by Flamingo Amy herself, yum) and drink “Love Punch”, complete with heart shaped ice cubes.

I was particularly taken with the edible glitter which I increasingly fancy I may buy and start sprinkling on things like, pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. How much more fun would dinner time be if it was sparkly?

I came home with one of the gorgeous orchid hair clips by Flamingo Amy accessories to wear to the Havana Ball on Saturday, which I’ll show you later!

Once everyone was suitably lubricated with punch and chocolate cake it was time to pull out the big guns with an exclusive performance by the wonderful Bad Hatters and the Scantily Clad.

This is the third time I’ve seen the Bad Hatters and I think they are an utterly amazing experience. Funny, sexy and perfectly polished, if you get the chance, see them!

If you don’t, then the next best thing is the video I took on the night, it’s a bit shaky at first till I found a decent angle to film from, away from poking elbows, and I’ve done my best to save you from the ear splitting shrieking applause that accompanies some parts with a bit of judicious volume editing.

Enjoy, some wise words on shopping….

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