In just a few weeks time it will be May. I know, shocking, huh?

It’s funny how I go through periods of having next to nothing to do, and then suddenly everything comes along at once. Well, May is shaping up to be one of those months. One of the things that happens in May is the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, which is a fortnight of amazing arts and cultural events and a free party in the park.

One of the events I am going to, in the stunning Spiegel Tent, is the Bo Nanafana Speigel Swing Hop. Bo Nanafana events often come with a dress code, that I like to play along with if I can. Except this one left me a little bemused.

“Dress Fancy “Retro-Electro”

Think Space Race, 1930’s Sci-fi or Future 50’s – anything from the Jetsons to Metropolis, I guess even Barbarella would fit! Past meets future.”

Now, as far as I can see most 50s Sci Fi films had women dressed pretty much as 50s woman normally dressed, except with tighter jumpers. I could wrap myself in tin foil, but I was hoping for something a bit, well, a bit cool. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone)

Then, whilst researching futuristic retro, I suddenly remembered Blade Runner. This has been one of my favourite films since I first saw it in the late 90s, but I realised I haven’t actually watched it for about 7 years. I prefer the Directors Cut, which has just dropped through my door from Lovefilm, so I look forward to reminding myself of why I loved it so much. I haven’t yet seen Blade Runner: The Final Cut, that was released in 2007, so that’s next on my must see list.

The films string visual imagery is often referenced in fashion collections. Particularly the avant garde Pris, played by Darryl Hannah,

Left: 2006 Peter Christian Fashion Photography for
Right: Threeasfour Fall 2009 collection

For my event, though, I’m eyeing up Rachaels Wardrobe. With her over exaggerated 1940s silhouette and hair she’s the perfect mix of future retro.

Her Film Noir Femme Fatale wardrobe aesthetic might be just the right antidote to all the candy colours, chiffon and sunshine florals that are around.

All this relentless positivity can get a girl down, maybe now is the time to channel some of that Blade Runner urban dystopia into my wardrobe, even if it’s just for one night.

I can do that hair, no problem. It’s just the hair rolls I did a tutorial on with a fancy fringe, though I am red head, so maybe it’ll be more “inspired” than an actual costume. Where can I get someone to follow me round with a smoke machine for that essential femme fatale look?