Well, it seems I am a stylish blogger.

I don’t often do the award thing as I find it all a bit confusing and I can never think of who to pass them onto and I don’t want to leave people out, and, and, and…..

You get the idea.

However I have now been given this award by 4 different people and I’m genuinely touched so I thought I ought to at least acknowledge it on here!

Awarded to me by the equally stylish and beautiful Missy Vintage, Rose-Alia, Debutante Clothing and Ramble On.

Plus, of course, a blog award is another excuse for me to spend the afternoon photo shopping myself into red carpet pictures like I’m going to an awards ceremony. Essential blogging work, not a waste of time, oh no.

Now, apparently I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you don’t already know. This is going to be pretty hard as a) I’m really very boring and b) I’ve probably told you most stuff already, or you can find it in places like my about page if you ever look at them. Still, lets give it a go.

1. I have tattoos and piercings

Nothing terrifying. I have a little black lizard on my hip and a navel ring. I used to have a nose stud and at least 3 holes in each ear, including one on the hard bit at the top, but I gave up on them over the years. I hardly wear one pair of earrings let alone 3….

2. I don’t really care much about Fashion at all

Gasp! I’m an awful Fashion Blogger! I love clothes and I love people with good or individual style, but fashion does nothing for me.

I hate the idea of desperately looking to see what the latest trends are so you can instantly add them to your wardrobe as some kind of short cut to style. Like you need “permission” from the fashion gods to wear a feather skirt or seamed stockings if you want to.

The most stylish people, even in the Fashion world are always those who go their own way. Isabella Blow, Vivienne Westwood and Anna Wintour set their own style and let other people follow them if they want.

3. I’m a big Stand Up Comedy fan

Other people like going to gigs. I love Stand Up. I like comedy clubs where you get several comedians and 1 is awful, 2 ok and one often outstanding. Then in 2 months time you’re watching Mock the Week and the outstanding one pops up.

This is on my mind at the moment as I have just discovered Norwich is finally getting a Jongleurs. Previously it’s had one off comedy festivals which I often go to, and a monthly comedy night that I hardly ever do as it’s on Thursdays (why Thursdays?) I am insanely excited about having the chance to go whenever I have a free weekend.

4. I trained to be a Nurse

Well, sort of. I started training in 1997, but me and early mornings never really gelled very well. I worked as a Nursing Assistant in various Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Psychiatric units from 1996-2001.

I dropped out of the training after a year, went back to college in evening classes to get my A Levels and ended up with a degree in Media & Film Studies. No one expects you to get up early for that.

5. I’m secretly a massive geek

I like Sci Fi, Horror (though not that awful gross out stuff that seems to be everywhere these days) and I play computer games (or I did when I had time and the money for a decent console, the last good game I played was Resident Evil on the Wii. Who wants to buy me an X Box?). I also worked briefly in IT Support, which apart from this is probably the best job I ever had.

My website is made from a template, but it looked nothing like this when I got it and I’m terribly proud of all the faffing around teaching myself CSS and HTML that made it look like it does now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very likely that any technical knowledge I have would be entirely outclassed by a modern 8 year old, but when I was at school IT lessons consisted of showing us where the space bar was and then leaving us alone to perfect our fake IDs.

In 2008 Mr Chick gave me the Internet for Christmas. Best. Present. Ever. He made it himself and it even had a little flashing red light.

If you don’t get that you need to watch the IT Crowd.

6. When I was little I wanted to be a Writer

Or a Nurse, or a Princess. I tried the first one and it wasn’t quite like the “Cadet Nurse at St Marks” books I’d read as a child, the Nurses didn’t even wear hats, let alone cloaks. I didn’t get past the interview process for Princess, sadly. Looks like I’ve finally settled on writing, after a fashion, though I try and squeeze as much Princess into my day as I can.

7. I’m not a natural red head

I suspect you knew this already, but truth is I’m so boring I couldn’t think of a number 7, apart from the fact that I like whisky and real ale, but I’ve mentioned that before. Or maybe that I like Cheese and Onion crisps, but that’s even more boring than not being an actual red head.

This, I think, is my natural hair colour.Well it was in 1996, though looking at my roots it might actually be grey by now *stifled sob*.

In a break with tradition I’m not nominating anyone because of the aforementioned fear of leaving people out. But I DO love reading these things. I’m naturally nosey and it’s great fun reading peoples facts.

So. If you haven’t been given this award by anyone else yet and you want to play, then consider this your award!

Come back and tell me you’ve done it so I can come and nosey at your 7 secrets!