So yesterday you saw the pin curls.

Today you can see the results!

Last night was the Poppy Valentine vintage event for Norwich Fashion Week and it went astonishingly well! The place was packed with people eating cupcakes and drinking fizz. I don’t know if I offered much in the way of styling advice as I appear to have spent much of the evening having my photograph taken by the Evening News or having my hair done by Flamingo Amy, but I did my best!

I shall start with the hair, as I know you’re all gagging to know how it turned out.

I actually quite like how it looked when the pins were removed, it’s got a kind of 20s feel once loosened up a little.

And… the finished results….

This next picture is from the Evening News gallery and is the result of a very long time stood on those spiral stairs! You get a better look at the other side of the hair in it.

Amy and I are both wearing Doris Day dresses in vintage fabrics.

And now onto the rest of the evening!

Flamingo Amy gave Claire of Poppy Valentine a fabulous 60s bouffant to go with her 60s style tunic dress and vintage jacket, and Amy herself was sporting a fantastic beehive!

Pretty Vintage bought along her vintage china for people to eat the yummy mini cupcakes from and coupe glasses for vintage cava.

The new Spring Summer fabrics were a hit, though most people are still in winter shopping mode. Several people had beautiful beehives created by Amy and many tips on pin curling and backcombing were dispensed!

One last collage of photos for you.