Another red lipstick review for you….

Lets start with the wonderful chart.

I’ve been trying to alternate between the pricier and cheaper ends of the scale. This time round I have a lipstick that was recommended to me by a few people on Twitter. It’s down at the cheapy end. Natural Collection Moisture Shine lipstick in Cherry Red at £1.99.

As you can see it scores just below the Collection 2000 in the cheaper lipsticks end of the scale. Mostly because of it’s cheap and yawnsome packaging.

The Blurb

It’s called Moisture Shine, and the packaging says “High Shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips”.

Other than that I have no blurb. Boots don’t even appear to sell the lipstick online.

This lipstick is fairly blurb free.

The Pros

This is a cheap and cheerful lipstick. At just £1.99 it promises little except coloured lips so it’s great to pick up to experiment with different colours before you shell out.

I really liked the colour and texture. Completely failing at the “shine” part of its promise I thought the shade was a rather lovely vintage looking creamy semi matte texture, in a nice, understated red.

The lipstick goes on smoothly, without applying too much pressure and feels nice and creamy on application with no gritty texture detectable. All in all initial impressions are very good.

It’s staying power was fairly good, lasting a good 3 hours or so without re applying and I didn’t experience any major bleeding problems after wearing it a while either.

The Cons

The packaging is a big fail. It’s nice that they try and do something different than the standard black/navy/grey of lipstick packaging everywhere, but it looks and feels market stall cheap. I’m also not keen on the bullet tip, finding it next to impossible to apply neatly without a  lip brush when out and about.

Although it’s staying power is pretty good, when it DOES wear off it does so dramatically and I found I had clumps of lipstick on my lips and an unattractive red line around the outside. It left my lips feeling quite dry and gritty as it wore off. I needed to add lip balm before reapplying, though it didn’t bleed, so no major repair works were necessary, just reapplication.

The Verdict

Despite it’s lower score I preferred it to the Collection 2000 lipstick. This might be due to a lingering residual feeling from my teenage years that Collection 2000 was *shh* chavvy.

I do like the colour, and I think it’s ideal for sticking in the bottom of your handbag for emergency lipstick moments. The packaging isn’t too bulky, and being white will show up in the depths of a handbag! Again, I think I’d stick to pricier brands for special occasions, but this is another good, cheap, every day lipstick. Between the Collection 2000 and this I really think it’s just down to which brand you prefer, and how well you get on with the bullet tip.

The obligatory full face photo of me in aforementioned lipstick…..

Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick
is available in Boots Stores priced £1.99