Did you see it?!

There was definite sunshine over the weekend! In fact last week temperatures in Norwich were around the 20 degrees mark, so I pulled out my new summer frock.

It’s a 1940s pinafore with frilly sleeve trims and rick rack on the bodice and pockets. I’ve wanted a dress this style for ages, but now I have it I feel a bit, well, frilly.

❤ 40s Sun Dress - eBay US ❤ Shoes - Miss L Fire ❤ Watering Can - Homebase ❤

Mr Chick thinks it looks like a summer gardening frock, so I pranced around in the garden with a watering can for some pictures. Rest assured I am not a natural gardener and things I plant generally completely fail to grow entirely.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent months cocooned in sensible polo necks and sharp pencil skirts, but I felt a bit silly with all those frills and flounces, maybe I’m too old for them now I’m in my *gasp* 30s?

So I’m leaving it up to you to decide. Is this a lovely summer frock, or are there altogether too many frills for a grown up to be wearing around town, even in summer?

Should I keep it or let it go?

Other than that I mostly spent my weekend bargain hunting. I bought a vintage lace collar, a lace tablecloth and a pair of crochet gloves, bringing a definite “holey” theme to my purchases and also found a budgerigar printed handkerchief in the textiles pile, which looks 50s though could be later for all I know. How on earth does one date a handkerchief!?

I’ve also got a new display cabinet to house some of my china, except someone, for reasons unknown, decided to tile the back of it with metal tiles printed with windmills, so it needs a bit of work!

How did you enjoy this weekends sunshine?