You might remember that on my day out at War and Peace at the end of July I came home with some vintage marcel wave clips.

They’re hanging around there, at the top of the picture.

Well, on Friday, I decided it was time for them to get their first experimental outing. I wasn’t going anywhere flash over the weekend, so that seemed to be the perfect time to have a play!

This isn’t a “how to” post, as I think I still need some serious perfecting, but I thought you might like a peek.

First I wet my hair, combed it flat and applied setting lotion. Then the clips. They’re fairly industrial looking monstrosities and I found that all I really needed to do was put them on my head open, and then close them! I pin curled the ends, and did the back of my head with rollers.

Cue terrifying make up free photos of me with metal clamps on my head.

I actually slept in those monstrosities! I actually found that as they were towards the top of my head they weren’t too bad once I’d wrapped my head in a big chunky squishy scarf.

The next morning it all looked very promising when I first removed the clips…..

Then I started brushing it out. The left side of my head, the one with less hair, actually worked really well. I was pleased and confident. Then I put a brush on the right hand side and it immediately turned into an unmanageable ball of frizz and the waves dropped significantly.

This is my disappointed face, also known as my completely gormless face.

Actually, though, if I examine it a bit closer, the smaller side worked quite well. The problem with the larger side seems to be that I placed the clips too far apart so the “dip” between ridges was too big and the third wave ended up somewhere around my ear lobeĀ  and got clipped out of the way.

In conclusion, more experimentation is needed, but I think they could be quite a nice easy way to get waves. I can only find one auction on eBay for wave clips at the moment (6 hours left, 99p!) but they do spring up occasionally. I also found this lot on Etsy.

As I mentioned, I didn’t have anything fancy planned for the weekend, but I did head to Kent to visit my Mum, who’d just had an operation, and my Nana. Seemingly as if these things hunt me out we suddenly came across a 1930s open topped bus that had turned up to take people on tours. It doesn’t happen every day, I promise! So I shall leave you with a picture of a slightly scruffy looking me posing in front of a vintage bus. The dress is a “new” 1940s Etsy purchase, everything else you’ve seen before!

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