Well, sort of.

Last September my other alter ego Vintage Norwich teamed up with the local Cinema City for Norwich Fashion Week and showed Breakfast at Tiffanys. This time round we teamed up again and on Wednesday night they showed Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and we took over the bar and arranged a bit of a party.

We had Flamingo Amy doing hair in her amazing new pop up salon created by Bix B Productions and the Historical Sauces doing the mini flicks and lips tutorials (or one of us at least, we had far too many alter egos that night!)

Out in the bar we had some vintage 50s goodies to play with. Hats, gloves, handbags, umbrellas, hair dryers, bits of random make up and strings of pearls. We also had a selection of books on Marilyn and 50s Fashion, and Glamourologists husband kindly agreed to play at being Captain for a night to welcome everyone on board!

I’m not even going to bother telling you about my outfit, as I’ve worn this 50s Kitty Copeland dress several times already and I wouldn’t want to bore you. I am planning to eventually provide the video tutorial I’ve been promising on that faux bob I sport so often. Hopefully next month, they’re just so time-consuming to edit so they’re worth watching!

Here I am with Missy Vintage courtesy of the Evening News

Our other onerous task for the evening was to chose our best dressed winner. We had a years Cinema City membership to give away, plus a very cool goodie bag containing a copy of Dressing Marilyn courtesy of sponsor Carlton Books, a framed numbered film print, goodies from Sugar & Hatter and Cupcakes by Jess, chocolates, jewellery, and all sorts of other treats. We also had 2 copies of the book as runners up prizes.

Our Runners Up. Sabelline Chicot in a gorgeous full length red dress and fur stole and Nicky Downson in a beautiful blue 50s style dress, she also had a lovely velvet cape with it.

And our winner Kate Collison in a turban and high collared coat.

We also allegedly got invaded by the ghost of an evil old man in one of our photos. Except I’d recognise that nose anywhere and it’s my shadow. Still it’s nice to know that faced with my shadow people immediately leap to “evil old man” rather than “sexy bombshell”

It’s not often you get to stand in front of a Cinema Screen and shout at a room full of people. I rather enjoyed it, though that might have just been the prosecco I drank waiting for the film to finish.

March is a horrendously busy month over at Retro Chick HQ, but I promise to be back in April, hopefully with some interesting content and special treats. If there’s anything you’d like to see in April, let me know in the comments!

There’s more photos from the party on the Vintage Norwich facebook page and a whole gallery of our Most Stylish