One of the advantages of being self employed is that if you’re having a bit of a bad day, feeling a bit grumpy then you can just drop it all and go for an afternoon run.

Yeah, in your face stupid bad day.

That’s what I thought this afternoon anyway. I intended to do 4 miles today, but my thighs are KILLING me after yesterdays Roller Derby session (Roller Derby stance = 2 hours of squats) so I thought I’d just go for a little bimble and see how I did.

I’m not at home, and I don’t really know the streets, but I remembered vaguely the way I’d gone for a 3 mile run here once before and thought maybe I could turn off early if I wanted, so off I set.

It’s REALLY sunny and hot.

See my nice stripy hotel carpet.


The Midlands are not flat, I’m not sure why I think they are. Walsall is full of hills, and the roads are always chocka for some reason, maybe they’re all trying to escape Walsall. It has to be one of the least enjoyable places I have ever run.

Then I got lost a bit, took a wrong turn and ended up doing that 4 miles after all, on aching legs, in baking sun, with no water. I had to keep stopping to check my map on my phone to make sure I was heading the right direction, which I wasn’t, and I eventually made it back in a slow and achey 44 minutes.


I was also hilariously and grossly sweaty, like my face had actually sprung a leak or something, and you can DEFINITELY see that in this picture, I’m glad I didn’t do my eyebrows or they’d have been half way down my face. Still, after a nice sit down, some water and a bourbon biscuit I feel a lot better and at least that’s one of my 4 mile runs out of the way this week, even though I was secretly too lazy to do it.

Don’t look at this picture too long, it will burn onto your retinas.