So today I had to have my run done before I leave the house at 12:30 as I won’t be coming back till tonight.

So I sat in bed and procrastinated until 10:30 and then got up to run round the block in a panic.

My legs feel quite heavy and tired today, maybe because I didn’t have any breakfast (unless a spoonful of peanut butter counts, I haven’t been shopping, ok!)


Also, at about half a mile I got a weird stabby pain in my left thigh, which is still there and I am ignoring in the hope it will go away as these things often do. Then a fly flew up my nose. So I tried to huff it out and just ended up covered in snot and spit. I am all the glamour.

I have decided that I am appalling at hills, so decided to go the shorter way with the steep hill that fills me with dread and terror. I decided to POWER up it, then stop at a mile and walk home. So that’s what I did. 1 mile done in a not too bad considering I’m tired 9’33”



I imagine there was some bonus protein in that fly as well.

It was overcast and cloudy today, but I wore sunglasses anyway as I hadn’t painted on my eyebrows and I feel weird without them. Just as well or I would probably be wearing fly eyelashes by now.