Oh dear. I am hurt.

Todays intention had initially been to head out for a 10k. But the ache that started as that stabbing pain in my thigh on Friday night was still there so I downgraded my intentions to 4 and a bit miles.

We drove out to the lake we used to run around which is at the opposite end of the city to our new house as I am heartily sick of running next to roads and traffic and fumes. It’s a beautiful spot with gravel paths, ducks, and wandering people who like to spread themselves out across the path, forming a rolling road block, and refuse to budge an inch as I huff and puff towards them, forcing me to leap into patches of stinging nettles.



I noticed as soon as I headed off that my leg ached quite a bit. At 1.25 miles I stopped and tried to stretch it out, but it didn’t make much difference. I could feel it getting worse, and I found myself pressing the spot where it hurt to try and stop the pain. I pushed on past what my Nike + said was the 5k mark and then decided to call it a day and limp back to the car.


I was fairly speedy, but possibly not as speedy as the Nike+ says as there’s a weird bump on the GPS map at the beginning. Miles 2 and 3 were about 9’20” and 9’30” though, which I’m happy with on a painful leg! Maybe I was just trying to get it over with quick.

When I got back to the car I tried to stretch, but my thigh was too painful. It hurts to touch and whenever I move my leg quite a lot. I’ve iced it, and I’m hoping it will ease. I’m skating again tomorrow, which I will just see how it goes as it involved a lot of throwing yourself on the floor on your knees.

I hope this isn’t the end of my Juneathon efforts, but only time will tell. I’ll definitely be taking it a little slower and easier for a few days.

Post run, smiling through the pain.