Yeah, yeah. I imagine you all waiting around with baited breath to hear how long a plank I did today and how much I smell of deep heat.

The answers. 80 seconds and a lot.

I can walk without limping today, which is progress, but can’t bend my leg backwards, like you would for a thigh stretch, without pain and a very wobbly watery feeling.


So as well as the plank today I spent 15 minutes or so in my pyjamas doing some gentle stretches and a few yoga moves.

Honestly I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now I’m past rest, ice, compression, elevation. How do I make this better? Should I use a foam roller on it? Should I be stretching it so it hurts, but not too much? Should I still be resting? Should I try a gentle run or leave it another week to heal further? Should I be forking out to go swimming at my local pool instead of only when there’s a free one available. I’m guessing I probably shouldn’t be going back to Roller Derby on Monday and doing those knee falls? (It’s like going down on one knee, but fast while on skates)

Pah, I should know this stuff?


And yes, I did do all my stretches in make up, because I’d already put my make up on and then thought “Oh, it’d make sense to do some exercise now rather than waiting till later”