I seem to be all about the hair at the moment, don’t I?

The other thing I’m now a total expert at is hiding my roots.

When I had red hair they showed, but not so badly, but somehow my mousey blonde seems to grow through black on platinum blonde. Also, I am lazy. I dyed my roots this weekend, but I really should have done it at least a week earlier, and the hair dye and toner was sat in my bathroom the whole time.


Actually it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s the total opposite. I actually count an afternoon spent dying my hair as blissful R&R. Who wouldn’t want to spend their downtime in a house stinking of peroxide, with Vaseline smeared on their ears and a shower cap stolen from a hotel room on their head? But sadly I don’t often get the time for blissful R&R as I have to do things. Sometimes those things include going to parties, but they are still things that mean I am not dying my hair.

So, today I am sharing my favourite root hiding techniques for ladies as lazy busy as me.

Hair Accessories

Obvious, right? Well yes, but I would be remiss not to mention it surely.

My Betsy Hatter mini beret is my absolute favourite root hiding accessory. Strategically placed on the top of my head it covers my roots and looks kinda jaunty. See, you’d never know.


Number 2 favourite root hiding accessory is a scarf. There are many ways to tie a scarf (here’s 5!). Here I’ve used a medium square scarf, folded it into a long scarf and then just tied it in a bow on top of my head. The bow adds extra volume that hides roots better. If people aren’t fooled they are at least distracted by the huge bow on top of my head.


Style it Up

Back combing baby. Victory Rolls, beehives, any sort of up do that adds volume can help if not hide, at least distract from roots!

An example of a blonde and a red cover up here. First the blonde, this isn’t the best beehive, but brushing the back backwards certainly minimises the on show root regrowth, even if it doesn’t hide it completely. I could probably hide that bit with a small clip or bow if I could find one. Don’t mind the starey eyes, I’m not trying to fight you.


And the red. A victory roll and a little hat here distract from the fact I haven’t done my roots or set my hair.

victory roll

Cover it up!

Yep, get your paint box out and paint those roots! Ok, maybe not paint, but for blondes dry shampoo or baby powder is your best friend, sprinkle/spray it on your roots and rub it in and it’ll lighten them up and blend them in a bit.

If you have red hair or brunette hair then you can buy tinted dry shampoo, but eyeshadow, bronzer or any other powder with the same tint as your hair will help. Just do your hair and then brush it over the roots with a blusher brush. You can also buy coloured hair mascaras to touch up roots, though I always found they clumped and went slightly stiff.

I have no photos of me using this method, well I do, because I use it a lot, but it doesn’t show well in a picture, so instead here’s a photo of some dry shampoo.


How do you hide your roots? Or are you organised enough never to have them?