I went out for another short run today.

No real pain from my thigh, but my achilles has started to feel sore, is this one of those “all the bits are connected” things? Who knows.

Maybe the running gods just hate me this June.

I carefully took photos of my feet and sweaty post run face. Then just as carefully deleted them 2 hours later in an attempt to make more space on my phone as I am an idiot.

So here’s what my feet look like now.


It was still very humid today, but less hot, and I did an easy 1.25 miles, before deciding to give my thigh and my asthma a break and walk up the last little bit of stupid steep heel. I know, I’m a wuss.



Tomorrow I will need to run in the morning, but Saturday and Sunday could be interesting as I am at a “not a festival” festival called Wyndstock, though they do have yoga on the lawn on Saturday morning, so I might give that a go!

I also got a lovely tweet today to my alter ego Retro Chick, from a woman who’s just started getting back into running after years of back problems, check out her blog about it, it’s lovely!

Ta ta!