Seriously, there’s been no snow or anything but Juneathon has been a right faff of compromises, injuries and half assed efforts.

Today I planned to go for a run, at least a proper 5k run. I was planning to go with Mr Chick when he got back from work, and then at6pm he had just left for the 2 hour commute back and was fairly certain, nay, utterly convinced, that not having been foolish enough to sign up for Juneathon he would get home and most fancy a beer and a burger in the bar, rather than a nice run.

Oh well I thought, I’ll go alone while he travels.

Except my running kit is in the car.

So instead I fired up the ‘ole 30 Day Shred on the laptop and got stuck in.


Level One, not Level Two, I’m not an idiot, I haven’t done it at all since mid May and I’d only just braved Level Two then. I’ve got aches in my hip flexors and thighs from Derby on Monday, and I didn’t have any weights, so I’m not sure it was as effective a workout as it could have been, but it was tiring and I am a sweaty pig, so it must have done something.

Only 3 days to go!