As most of you will have twigged by now, I do not live in London.

Lots of people don’t realise that and I get all sorts of invitations to exciting sounding things that I can’t possibly get to because a £40 train fare is a bit much, even for a free glass of champagne and a goodie bag. I don’t mind the invitations, obviously, and I go to things when I can. When I get notification far enough in advance to get cheap train tickets, when I happen to feeling flush and can afford it, when I happen to be travelling to somewhere with a cheaper train line, anyway, you get the idea, but mostly I stay home and drink beer and read about the exciting parties elsewhere.

So, because that’s terribly sad and people who live outside London deserve cocktails too, I’ve got together with Jess and Ali of Jet Social and we’ve decided to throw our own party for the bloggers of East Anglia. It’s going to be completely free to attend, we’ve got bubbly on arrival and negotiated 2-4-1 cocktails all night at local venue Bar 11. We even went and made up a hashtag #EABloggerParty, yay! A hashtag of my very own!




It’s a chance for all of us bloggers and writers to do a spot of what we are rather importantly calling “networking” but in reality will be mostly “drinking and talking” but that’s in no way a bad thing!

The party will be held at Bar 11 in Norwich, at 7:30pm on Friday 13th September (spooky!) We’re still in the early stages of organising, but we hope to have all sorts of fun activities, and hopefully some brands, both local and national, for you to chat to as well.

Do you want to come?

We’re welcoming ALL bloggers who live in, or have strong links to, East Anglia. You don’t just have to write about frocks like I do! So whether it’s food, fashion or football you write about, we want you to come along and have a mingle.

All you have to do is add your name to the guest list over here and we’ll send you more details when we have them!

When we spoke to Bar 11 they even let us try the cocktails, just for quality control purposes you understand, and they are goooood.


If you’re a BRAND rather than a blogger reading this, then feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to come along or get involved and introduce yourself to the bloggers of East Anglia!

And, er, that’s it! Come along, it’ll be a giggle!