A quickie from my phone.

We travelled home yesterday, about a 4 hour drive, and it was raining and miserable, I really just wanted to sit and watch tennis, but instead I went for a quick run round the block in the rain.


The weather was pants for running. Humid AND raining, but I did 1.5 miles in an average 9’31” which I think was because I knew there was champagne waiting for me at home!


I’ve had another week where I failed to plan ahead and have eaten a load of junk, so I feel rubbish. This morning I have also woken up with some serious hip pain on my left hip, I think it’s my hip flexor, which has played me up before, and it wasn’t there when I went to bed. It’s pretty frustrating as I’ve been angelic with stretching and things. With 2 days left on Juneathon it’s put me in a bit of a dilemma. Both days were supposed to be runs, but it feels too painful at the moment. Do I risk it, or wuss out the end of Juneathon with yoga, planks and push ups?