This weekend I met a Lion.

Actually I’ve met this lion before, but on Saturday I noticed how nicely his yellow went with my yellow frock, so I stopped to say a proper hello.


This is the only way to say hello to a Lion, Trust me. You have to be careful with Lions or they’ll have your arm off.

I survived meeting the lion, and posed for a few more photos with him. The weather is still really warm, but I can feel that late summer feeling creeping in. A slight freshness that means Autumn is on it’s way so I can start imagining autumn wardrobes and looking at interesting tights and stockings.

Todays outfit, however, was all summer. A Wallis Linen shirt dress I found in a Charity Shop with black accessories and a crazy flower brooch.




❤ Dress – Wallis via a Charity Shop ❤ Belt – Vintage ❤ Brooch – Vintage ❤
❤ Shoes – Clothing at Tesco ❤


Normally at this point I would show you some other pretty pictures from my Saturday. Except all I took was an uninspiring photo of the Croque Madame I had for brunch (which was tasty, if not pretty) and a picture of some socks I bought. So you’ll have to make do with those instead.

croque madam


How was your weekend? Meet any Lions?