One year I will do Juneathon and it won’t consist of me spending most of it explaining how I’ve done something that nearly consitutes exercise because I’ve damaged some random part of myself.

In fact, it is now the 2 year anniversary of the day I had to bow out of doing my first Juneathon properly because I ignored a stabbing pain in my thigh to go to Roller Derby practice and ended up out of action and smudging my eyeliner. It seems fitting, then, that I’m now considering going back to Roller Derby practice tomorrow despite the pain in my back.

I’m sure it’ll be fine in the morning. Right?

So today I’m still not mobile enough for running really, the pain is in my hips, so I did a recovery Yoga session, in Garfield pyjamas with no make up on, sorry.


I could complete the whole thing today. Where as most of the movements would have been entirely impossible on Sunday. Forward bends require a little care to stop jarring, but actually the stretches felt amazing. My whole back feels like if I could just stretch it enough it would all be fine.

IMG_8435I need a rack or something.

Tonights dinner is bolognaise and high protein pasta that I found in Tesco, because I wholeheartedly believe that if I have extra protein it will go straight to my back muscles and repair them before practice tomorrow.

Points Earned so far: 11

Times I have “worked out” in my pyjamas – 2