That’s right, YOGA!

Ha! How did you guess?

I did 20 minutes recovery Yoga, and plan to do another 20 minutes of my regular pre practice session later on today. I am still stiff with an achey lower back, but tonight I will be skating anyway, but being aware of how I feel and I promise I will stop if it gets more painful.


Ugh, this is a scary photo, I’m not looking my sporty best this Juenathon!


Next Sunday I am due to be running the Nike Women’s 10k as part of the VitaCoCo team, and this morning a pretty cool parcel of coconut oil and water arrived, so that was quite exciting, though I don’t yet have my race pack and if that doesn’t show up I can’t run it at all! Having said that if my back doesn’t rapidly sort itself out then I might not be able to run it all anyway.

So many things to think about!


In a way I’m kind of pleased that my regular Gym sessions have been cancelled for the next 2 weeks, because it means I won’t be tempted to start lifting heavy weights while my back hurts.

Current plan is to keep up the yoga, and maybe try run a 5k on Sunday, with the hope I can return to normal service next week!