Yeah, I should have taken proper photos and posted this earlier, but I didn’t. I woke up stiff, but feeling a lot better, so after 20 minutes of *cough* yoga, I headed off to Roller Derby Practice

Roller Derby practice on saturday always starts with circuit training. Todays was a little impromptu, 15 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of ab work, all of which was fine on my stiff back, except burpees which I switched out for squat jumps. Honestly, in a fight between burpees and squat jumps I don’t know which one would win.

Notable events from todays circuits include one of my team mates making squeak noises. Which I immediately recognised to mean “Hey, Gem, A huge spider has just wandered in from outside and is behind you on the floor” a far braver team mate kindly rescued me and ab work was soon resumed.


Failure to take photos earlier means these are taken late at night. After yoga, after circuits, after 2.5 hours or Roller Derby practice. Which was fun but tough. After 2 hours of video review with the AS team, 2 pints at a leaving party for a team mate and some wine while watching Kingsman (Watch it, it’s cool!) at home.




Points earned so far: 16

Blood Alcohol Levels: Unconfirmed (hic)