Even I’M bored of reading my posts this Juneathon. Although daily Yoga is technically exercise, and therefore technically counts, well, it’s not very interesting is it?

Hello, I did some Yoga, here’s a picture of my feet.

Well, today I did do some Yoga, I felt pretty awesome this morning. Then I sat down to do an hours work, stood up, and something has obviously got fed up in my back again as I was in a lot of pain again.

This time I was on it immediately and called Josh to see if he could fit me in for a sports massage because there is NO WAY I am missing that race on Sunday.

So off I hobbled at 4pm for my second ever sports massage.


Apparently my back wasn’t *AS* tight as it was last week, so all that Yoga must be doing something.

Today my hip flexors also got a little massage. Good GOD that hurts, seriously, though less on the least tense side. Apparently this is because they are like frozen chicken, when all tense you can’t get as far into them so it hurts less when they’re pressed.

Don’t say I never teach you anything.

So, I am totally gutted that this means I might not make Roller Derby practice tomorrow. We are redoing our fitness test and I was really keen to see if I’d improved, though right now I’d guess the answer would be “no”.

Still smiling through the pain, and off for yet another evening watching TV on a Yoga mat *le sigh* roll on July, when the curse of Juneathon will be lifted and I will miraculously be sprightly and uninjured.