Back in February I got nominated for an award.

No, it wasn’t an Oscar, it was a beauty blogger award from The Good, The Fab and the Lovely. Now, I don’t often remember to take part in these things, but today, seeing as I am still a bit poorly and feeling sorry for myself, it seemed like a good time to answer the questions that Kathleen set for me to answer.


So if you’ve ever had a burning desire to know some random things about me, today your luck is in.

Here goes!

Which period of time would you like to live in?

I’m pretty much happy with right now. You can’t pick a decade in time that doesn’t have its downsides. There are some awful things going on in the world at the moment, and sometimes I get a bit depressed about it all, but then I pay for a bottle of wine in the pub with Apple Pay using my FINGERPRINT and get all excited about how I live in the future again.

Although sometimes I watch too much Poirot and wish I could have been young, rich and glamorous in the 1930s, just for a bit.

CC or foundation?

The fact that I had to Google CC, should answer that question. Apparently its colour correcting cream and I haven’t used that since about 1998 when I figured out a green face wasn’t any better than a red face. So, er, foundation.

Name 3 basic fashion items you couldn’t live without?

Just to clarify, I don’t think I would actually physically DIE if I didn’t have these items, but I would find getting dressed on days when I don’t want to think much harder. So:

Ballet Pumps – the cheap £3 from Primark sort of Ballet Pumps. They’re like slippers you’re allowed to wear in public.

Berets – Because I’m often too lazy to brush my hair, or dye my roots.

A Black Jersey Dress – Technically I could call this a Little Black Dress, but my version is very specifically made of jersey, because it’s comfortable and doesn’t care that you ate pizza for your second dinner last night.

Put those 3 fashion items together and you have the sort of outfit that makes people think you made an effort when you really didn’t.

5 accessories

Plastic surgery… yay or nay?

Personally, I probably wouldn’t, though the idea of getting rid of my annoyingly puffy under eyes for good sounds wonderful, the thought of surgery is terrifying and why the hell would I go through it for puffy under eyes? I have also turned down Cosmetic Surgery advertising for this site, as I feel uncomfortable with commercially promoting the idea of something so extreme designed to alter a womans appearance to fit some kind of ideal.

However, plastic surgery has a place in treating all kinds of issues, from cancer survivors to burns victims so I wouldn’t put it into the proverbial Room 101. I also don’t judge anyone who chooses to have cosmetic surgery, it’s really none of my business.

How old are you… but how old do you feel?

I am 36, soon to be 37. I have no idea how old I feel as I have no way of knowing what 36 is supposed to feel like. I remember what all the ages between about 5 and 36 feel like, sometimes I feel no different than I did then, and other times I feel like a totally different person. So I guess I feel 36?

This is me when I was 17, heading out for an evening at the Ministry of Sound. See, I haven’t changed a bit.

Ministry of Sound

Which beauty products are always in your handbag?

Normally whatever ones I threw in there before I headed out the door, which is sometimes up to 6 different shades of lipstick.

Seriously though, always in my handbag is Vaseline (normally a tinted one), Benefit License to Blot, Younique lip stain that I use on my cheeks, and a selection of lipsticks.

Why did you start blogging ?

Pretty sure I’ve talked about this at least once a year on my anniversary! Basically I walked out on an awful job (or more accurately an awful boss) and found myself unemployed just before Christmas, so I started selling Vintage on eBay to make some money. A few months later in early 2008 I started a blog to help promote my eBay shop. I’d always wanted to be a writer, but had never even heard of blogging, and as it slowly dawned on me I could make money from this without going to the Post Office I became a full-time blogger instead of a vintage seller.

Which beauty tip from your (grand)mother do you still use today?

I don’t remember a huge amount in the way of beauty tips from my female family members, though my Mother always moisturised with Nivea and I never skip moisturiser, does that count?

Name one beauty item that you would splurge on… (and try to convince us to buy it too)

I’m not going to convince you to buy anything. Beauty products are weird and one persons life saving amazing thing is another persons wasted money, so all I can ever do is tell you what I think of something. For me, Besame lipsticks still can’t be beaten. They’re beautifully packaged, last ages and easy to apply in a range of delicious shades. What Katie Did used to sell the whole range, but now it’s a bit harder to find all the shades in the UK. I’ve found a good collection on YesStyle, they have my favourites Cherry Red and Dusty Rose.


At what age did you start using make-up?

I think about 12 ish. I was wearing it to school when I wasn’t allowed. I had a Minnie Mouse make-up palette and I remember my Mum sitting me down and trying to teach me a little subtlety in application. I must have been about 13 when I got a make up case full of “grown up” make-up for Christmas, it’s still one of the best presents I ever remember getting!

The tradition of these awards is that you nominate 10 bloggers and make up 10 questions of your own, but I’m not going to do that as I’m far too lazy to make up 10 questions. If you have a blog and want to answer the same questions I was asked then I’m super nosey and would love to read them!