Well hello! Happy Sunday!

Now, there will actually be 2 days of this week missing from this weeks round up as I actually wrote and scheduled this on Friday morning because I was heading off for the weekend for a mini break in the woods with a few friends.

I’m probably packing up to head home right now. As it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend I imagine that it’s probably raining? Or maybe we’ve been lucky and its one of those rare beasts in the UK when we all have a day off and the sun actually shines?

This week up to now has certainly been a mixed bag, but anyway, on with the show!

This Week I…..

Sat on my own Wheel

There was a lot of Roller Derby practice this weekend. I was quite tired I guess, I tried to turn around at high speed while simultaneously braking. Got all my timing wrong and did a big old fall over in the middle of a racing pack of people on wheels.

I sat on the floor with my hands over my head until the crashing noises had stopped, then looked up and surveyed the bodies all around me.

I’m so sorry everyone.

If it helps in the process I sat on my own wheel and now I have the biggest massivest cliche Roller Derby bruise in the world. It deserves a name, or possibly its own postcode.

I ummed and ahhed about posting a picture, but I think it’s definitely in the public interest. I kept it as decent as possible.


Spent over 7 hours in a car

Our regular Roller Derby practice was cancelled on Thursday and in a fit of optimism I thought it would be lovely to go away with Mr Chick to Preston where he was working.

A fit of optimism that I was seriously regretting by 4:30pm on Monday afternoon when we’d been sat stationary in the car on the M6 for a full 90 minutes because of a coach fire.

People were walking up and down between the cars and chatting. Thankfully not to us, I don’t speak to strange people on motorways thank you, I have Twitter if I want to find out what’s going on. At least I would have if we hadn’t been in a particularly flaky signal area.

Things you CAN do when sat static on the motorway for 2 hours in a bad signal area include clearing all the old receipts out of your handbag, the glove box and the central console, updating your diary with all the exciting upcoming events (Doctors appointments mostly) that you haven’t got around to adding yet, filing your nails if you’re organised enough to have a nail file in your handbag and eating all the Toffifee that you had hidden under the seat in case of exactly this kind of emergency.

Went to Preston

Yeah, we finally made it. I told you most of what I did in Fridays post, so lets not go into too much detail. We stayed in a Holiday Inn where the fire alarm went off 5 minutes after I’d got out of the shower and I had to go and stand in the car park with wet hair and no make up. We also ate in a Wetherspoons where a very odd Irish Man told me I looked very attractive today. So it was an interesting trip if nothing else.


Established a Strict Standard for Meal Times

Well, when you go to Preston you also have to come home from Preston, so Thursdays 6 1/2 hours in a car involved an in depth discussion on meal times. What, for instance, is the difference between Dinner and Tea?

Mr Chick believes that Dinner can be eaten as a midday or evening meal, and that Dinner, Tea and Supper are practically interchangeable terms.

I think Mr Chick is a fool and that the order goes Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper. Tea is an early evening or late afternoon meal, Dinner a main meal eaten approximately between the hours of 6-8pm and Supper a light evening meal, normally eaten later, I’m thinking soup and a sandwich maybe.

I am willing to concede that dinner may be eaten earlier in the day on certain occasions. Sunday Dinner, or Christmas Dinner, for instance could interchangeably also be lunches. But in general I stand by my established standard.

Also brunch is a cooked meal, if you eat cereal at 11am it’s still breakfasts, and elevenses is a light snack to differentiate it from either brunch or breakfast, or, even, an early lunch.

I told you it was a long trip……