Well, what a glorious weekend it is!

I know I’m writing this super late today, but I have been stuck in a tiny room with lots of other people and forced to miss all this glorious sunshine.

Shortly I will be heading outside to barbeque some food, in the way the British like to do at the slightest sniff of sunshine. I thought that first I’d have a quick stop in to update you on another exciting installment in my life*

*may not be that exciting.

This week I…..

Discovered I am Shakespeare

Honestly. It was a totally scientific quiz on the internet. It must be true. Look.


Also I did the quiz again and I got an even HIGHER score, though I don’t know what questions I answered differently, and therefore learnt nothing.

You too can find out if you are the modern day reincarnation of Shakespeare because you know the meaning of some quite big words by clicking here.

Had to walk home a different way

I know, that’s like BIG news. It’s slightly bigger news when you find out the reason I had to walk home a different way was that my regular walk home was blocked by a car that had somehow managed to flip onto it’s roof.

It’s a relatively slow moving city centre road, so how the car managed to end up on it’s roof I do not know. All I know is that while walking home from a Roller Derby video review night I saw blue flashing lights up ahead.

“Oh dear”, I thought. “What’s happening up there?”.

I saw a car on it’s roof and was obviously very concerned for the inhabitants/passengers/whatever you call all the people in a car.

When I got home, by a different route, in the rain, I discovered this is what happened. I also discovered everyone was fine. Which is amazing really. It was more dramatic than I expected my Wednesday evening to be if I’m honest.

I also discovered that while I was out some fool had made Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary. Which just finished me off really.

Ordered a Burger

Am I the only person that finds Deliveroo about the most exciting invention this century? I mean loads of exciting things have been invented, but how many of them let you order beer and burgers to be delivered from one of your favourite local bars to your house so you can eat them in your pyjamas?

Seriously, it’s amazing. If you’re ever visiting Norwich you should go to Gonzo’s Tea Room for burgers, or you can stay home and get someone to bring them to you.

Other things I find incredibly exciting about Deliveroo are that you can pay using Apple pay, so basically with your THUMBPRINT and then you can stalk the delivery driver ALL THE WAY TO YOUR HOUSE.

I honestly feel like I’m living in the future, and then I get to eat burgers. Winning.


Drank 50p Beer

As I type this I am suddenly realising that I have eaten too many burgers this week. Especially as I am about to have what might not technically be a burger, but is certainly “beef in a burger bun” for dinner again tonight.

Well, it’s too late now.

I actually think I might have dreamt Saturday night anyway. After a very long day on my First Aid course we decided to pop to a pub we like for a couple of beers. They often have a barbeque on at the  weekends and we thought we might buy a burger. We only had £15 in cash on us, and we fretted a little about whether we should maybe detour to a cash point. The barbeque is almost certainly cash only after all and it can easily be £4-5 for a burger. We decided to risk that we could pay on a card at the bar and trotted off to the pub. Where we found this sign when we arrived at 7:15pm.


That’s 50p a pint. FIFTY PEE!

Thank goodness we arrived at 7:15, not 8:15, how annoying would that have been? We’d spotted the barbeque on our way in with a price list of £4.50 for a cheese burger, so we settled down inside with our 50p pints and pondered heading out to grab some food.

Then the bar manager came round asking people if they’d had their voucher. We said no, and were presented with this:


Now, at this point I started to slightly sheepishly wonder if we’d managed to gatecrash a private party. I mean, you don’t normally go out for a drink and burger to suddenly find they’re giving it all away, do you?

A little bit of research revealed that Mike Lorenz is actually the owner of the pub. We did not know, despite having been regulars there for at least a year, but now we did. We toasted the lovely Mike Lorenz with our 50p pints, ate our free burgers, and by 9pm we tottered home a little tipsy and full of love for the world, and specifically the mysterious Mike Lorenz.

Learnt to give people electric shocks

the last thing I did this week was give up this gloriously sunny weekend to spend it stuffed in a tiny room from 9-5 each day learning First Aid.

I’ve been a qualified First Aider since I was about 8 and used to be a “Badger” with the St Johns Ambulance, but about a decade ago I let my certificate lapse.

When my Roller Derby league was looking for First Aiders I was really keen to requalify, though that was obviously before I knew it was going to be 26 degrees and gloriously sunny on the weekend of the course.

We not only got a First Aid certificate, but also a certificate in using those AED defibrillation machines that you often see on the walls of shopping centres and the like. So I am officially now qualified to resusitate you if you should collapse in front of me. I’d appreciate it if you could avoid doing so if at all possible though as I think there’s paperwork involved.

And that brings us to now. When I’m about to go and enjoy a glass of wine in the garden and some more beef and cheese in a bun.

How was your week?