Can you believe we’re pretty much half way through July already?

This morning I woke up again to horrible news about what happened last night in Nice and again I felt a little frivolous setting myself a goal to smile at people more today. I mean, does that really help anyone?

There is too much hate and misery in the world already and I still think a bit of frivolity and happiness is an essential antidote. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, or that you can’t take positive action, where there is positive action to take. It’s important to balance the hate with a little bit of love, and therefore I will be smiling big beaming smiles at anyone I can find today.

The second week of Glamorous July has been a challenging one for me even before this mornings news. I’ve been super busy, and those are the times when it’s easiest to get frazzled and stop looking after yourself and get irritable with other people.

If there’s one thing this challenge has definitely done, it’s made me more aware of taking those little bits of time each day to look after myself and others. It’s also made me aware how difficult it can be to keep a positive attitude, but also how tiny things can turn your day around.

It’s always worth trying to look for the positives, even on the grumpiest of days. Taking that little bit of extra time to wear something nice, or do something nice does make a difference, and your attitude really does rub off on other people!

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Here’s a quick round up of what went on in Week two!

Day Eight

The Challenge on Day 8 was to be positive all day. I decided to fine myself 10p for every negative comment I made about myself or others. By 9am I’d already got involved in politics and cost myself 10p.

Thankfully the rest of the day went a little smoother. It was a bit of a struggle to stay positive as that was the day I found out about the arson attack on an Eastern European food shop near me. It really upset me, but I managed to stay positive, thanks to the positive reactions of others.

Bonus points to AkramsIdeas for having the tastiest looking ice cream of the day!

Day Nine

On day 9 the challenge was to donate something. Whether it was money, time or clothes to a charity shop.

A friend of mine set up a crowdfunder to help the victims of the arson attack that had happened the previous day, so I donated to that. The crowdfunder raised over £30,000 in the end and the reaction of the community was heart warming as people took gifts and left messages on hearts on the boarded up window.

My favourite of today was mim_crinolinerobot who donated books to a primary school library.

Day Ten

Day 10 was to wear a hat. Because who doesn’t feel a bit more glamorous in a hat? I rarely wear a lot of my hats. I don’t know why.

The one I chose for today is a straw visor cap that I bought on holiday in Germany years ago, but have only worn 2 or 3 times. I really love it, and now it’s out of the cupboard I shall try and wear it more often! It feels very 1930s sporty. It’s not a style you see very often, but this one is similar.

Hat winner of the day though was siofraconnormillinery because she made her gorgeous straw hat herself!

Day Eleven

on day 11 the challenge was to pick up a book you’ve always meant to read. On recommendation from Mr Chick I picked up Of Mice and Men, which is one of those books I feel like I should have read but haven’t.

I was warned by people on Facebook that it would make me cry. After the whole Still Life episode this is making me question ever taking recommendations from Mr Chick again. I’m about half way through. It hasn’t made me cry yet, but I’m fairly sure it’s gearing up to it.

MoodyMare33 was ploughing through the Jack Reacher series, which sounds a lot less likely to reduce me to floods of tears!

Day Twelve

Writing a review was my task for Day 12. The idea was to positively support a local business by a kind of digital word of mouth. I rarely use those 5 stars on Facebook unless someone asks me to. I just forget.

So today I left a 5 star review for one of my favourite coffee shops and cocktail bars in Norwich. Aroma is a tiny little place, but it has 3 floors. During the day they sell coffee and pastries, and by night they sell delicious cocktails and coffee cocktails.

Todays challenge was awesome as Palelylaura introduced me to some amazing birthday cake candle jewellery.

Day Thirteen

I’d been looking forward to day 13. Who doesn’t love a decadent bubble bath? Well, lots of people it seems as Palelylaura and I were the only ones opting for bubbles! Others chose a refreshing shower, or kept up the glamorous self care theme by painting their nails.

Day Fourteen

On day 14 I had to get out the china that won’t go through the dishwasher! It doesn’t get used often enough as I am too lazy to do washing up by hand. It felt quite decadent to enjoy my lunch off gold edged plates though, and actually with just one cup and saucer and a plate took hardly any washing up at all, so maybe I’ll do it more often in future!

And so here we are, heading into a Glamorous week 3!

There’s some good challenges this week that I’m looking forward to and some others that will be a bit more of a challenge for me. Today, for instance. I am aiming to give big, beaming, positive smiles to at least 5 people. Hopefully I will manage it without people thinking I’m too crazy and it will make them feel happier rather than scared of the crazy lady!

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