Well then, good morning!

I should immediately tell you that I was super organised this week and actually wrote this last night. Which is weird because I’m writing the words “last night”, and actually it’s “this evening” while I’m writing them.

That’s just too much for my tiny brain to handle.

The reason I wrote this last night is that as you read this I will be out running the Run Norwich 10k. Or possibly walking the Run Norwich 10k as I fell on my bum at scrim again and hurt my wrist and my neck. Neither of which are technically needed for running, but I do have a headache.

Seeing as my Saturday night plans include pasta and coconut water, it’s unlikely there will be anything exciting missing from the run down of my week if I write it on Saturday and not Sunday. Lets just hope I don’t do anything super exciting like break a glass or something.

Anyway, this week I….

Went for a Nice Long Walk

Last Sunday Mr Chick and I designated the day “date day” or more accurately “date afternoon”, because in the morning we went to Homebase to buy plumbing supplies for our new bathroom, which is in the process of being installed and I am very excited about.

We ate cake, found some new bars selling Cocktails for Norwich Cocktail Week and an exciting carved wood depiction of that time a bus fell down a hole and they discovered a Secret Garden in Norwich.

We finished the day with a pork pie and in-depth discussion about what birds think about. Pretty much a perfect Sunday.

Ate Chips

Maybe Saturday nights coconut water IS the most exciting thing that will happen this week.

These weren’t just any chips though, these were the super exciting new chips with fancy toppings that the pub near us has started selling under the name “Motherchip”. We popped out for a quick Tuesday night pint, and decided to order a box.

They came topped with pastrami, pickles and mustard and were delicious, if very slightly pricey at £6. They did make a really good pub snack to share between 2 people though, so it’s very likely there will be more chips in my future.


Had a Rock n Roll Brunch

On Thursday morning there was a “bloggers brunch” at Time & Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. It was to show off their latest exhibition which is the rather wonderful Halfway to Paradise: The Birth of British Rock. There are some amazing photos from the 50s and 60s of big Rock n Roll stars by photographer Harry Hammond, and some more local memorabilia from bands that played at the Great Yarmouth ABC.

I don’t know who the other bloggers invited were as they all seemed to turn up en masse with several children in tow, which made me feel a little bit like I was gate crashing someones family day out. But I did get to eat some really nice sausage rolls, so it all turned out alright in the end.

The whole museum is fascinating, and this is a great exhibition that is there till the 2nd October. If you’re in the area it’s well worth the entry fee.


Got Obsessed with Instagram Stories

Ok, so I admit it. When I first opened my Instagram and saw Instagram Stories I raised an eyebrow and said “Isn’t that just Snapchat?”

However, seeing as despite being told it was AMAZING I’ve never managed to get into Snapchat for anything other than using the filters to make myself look like a bee, I thought I’d give Instagram Stories a go.

So yeah, I am now documenting every single dull thing I do with my life. See me eating lunch at Pret a Manger! See me walking through a park on my way to a meeting! Amazing.

You can’t actually see them on the web version of Instagram, but if you want to see my exciting Instagram stories in all their glory you’ll need to pop over to @retrochick_uk on the Instagram app.

Saved a Bee

I can’t show you a picture of this as I only shared it on Instagram Stories, see, obsessed.

On Friday night we stopped in a bar with a gorgeous courtyard to enjoy the early evening sunshine on our way home from the City. There we spotted a tired bee. So we got a sachet of sugar, mixed it with water and let the bee do what bees do with sugar-water.

I felt like a life saving super hero.

And that was another week in the life of, er, me.

How was your week?