Right, so you’d THINK I’d be sick of Cocktails by now, right?

About a month ago I got an email from Midori Melon Liquer offering to send me some Cocktail ingredients for a Japanese inspired cocktail. I thought it might be a fun thing to post during Cocktail Week.

But then the box didn’t even turn up until the end of last week, so instead I ended up trawling through it on Sunday afternoon. I played with the weird emojis on sticks they sent me and drank yet more cocktails, even though Norwich Cocktail Week was over and I was no longer obliged to drink cocktails at all.

Of all the obligations to have, cocktails is a pretty nice one. I’m not claiming it’s *that* much of a hardship, and the Moshi Moshi Midori cocktail was a very nice refreshing one to finish the week on.

The name Midori comes from the Japanese word for green, and Midori is certainly very, very green. When combined with the other ingredients in this cocktail it does not go a pretty colour, but the taste certainly makes up for it.

If you want to make the most of the green colour then maybe try a “Green Demon” like the recipe I gave you at the end of this post. It occurs to me that post was Cocktail Week 2 years ago, so it’s obviously the time of year Midori likes to do some promo!


As it happens if I make this cocktail again I will likely make some changes. And I probably will make this cocktail again as I now have a whole bottle of Midori in my cocktail cabinet and it’s very tasty! If you have access to a Japanese supermarket you might be able to find the Sansu sparkling Yuzu and Cucumber that was sent to me to make this cocktail with. I, however, have completely failed to find an online stockist for it. I think if I make this again it would easily be replaced with soda water, maybe with a slice of lime and a cucumber to add the flavours!


50ml Midori Melon Liquer
50ml Watermelon Juice (make your own or buy here)
SanSu Sparkling Yuzu and Cucumber (or soda water, possibly flavoured with cucumber if you can find it!)

Add the Midori and watermelon juice to a highball glass and top up with sparkling soda water or Yuzu and Cucumber if you have it!


This post is not sponsored, but Midori did provide me with all the ingredients to make the cocktail!