Good morning!

Today is a rainy Sunday of the sort that needs to be spent under a blanket in front of the TV drinking endless cups of tea. Which is basically my plan. That and a bit of skate maintenance. I have 3 or 4 episodes of Drag Race All Stars 2 saved up to watch and no other plans.


Once again this week has been a largely uneventful one, which I’m rather grateful for really. I like the quiet and the hectic of Christmas is approaching fast.

In an uneventful week there are always some highlights, though, and this week I…..

Had my first Egg Nog latte of the year

Egg Nog lattes are my favourite. Every year there is a story about HOW MUCH SUGAR they have in them. OMG! I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but Egg Nog Lattes are my guilty pleasure. If you’re going to drink a Grande Egg Nog Latte every day in December then a) How CAN you? They’re so rich and b) Your teeth are going to fall out. Personally I think I can get away with probably 1 small Egg Nog Latte a week over 6 weeks without suffering too many ill effects. So there.

I WAS going to ask for mine in a take out cup to get really festive, but then I noticed that they weren’t even using the red ups in my local Starbucks. What a swizz.


Bought a new diary

Because it’s that time of year when people are starting to book things in for next year and I have nowhere to write it down. This years diary is gold and sparkly, in the hope that 2017 will also be sparkly, some gold would be nice too. It also came from the poundshop, so hopefully that’s not a reflection on the future quality of 2017.

I was quite impressed with the diaries in the poundshop, I spent quite some time deciding between sparkly gold and gold and white stripes, but the gold and white stripes were the ring bound kind of diary with a hardboard cover, and frankly I can’t see that lasting a year in the bottom of my handbag.


Got up early on a Saturday

There are very few things that will get me out of bed before 8am, especially on a Saturday, but Roller Derby is one of them. Which is why my alarm dragged me from sleep at 7am on a Saturday morning, so I could head out on a beautiful crisp, cold, winter day to go down to London and spend all my time in a sports hall until we left in the dark.

The Norfolk Brawds were playing London Rockin’ Rollers Badasses as the opening game of a double header at Tottenham Green sports centre. It was a chance for us to put all the things we’ve been working on since the end of our last season into practice with our full bench team and new line ups.

It was a tough game, but we won 213-124. I was so happy with how the game went, we felt calm and worked as a unit and I am so excited for our next season.

By the time I got back to Norwich about 7:30pm the adrenaline had worn off a bit, so I had a lovely bath with candles and was in bed by 10pm. Rock n Roll.

I also neglected to take any photos all day apart from this one in the changing room, rescued from my Instagram stories.


How was your week?