I think week was very much a classic “mid January week”. By which I mean nothing of great interest or excitement happened and I have no money. Pretty standard mid January stuff.

I don’t even have any plans for today. I guess I’ll spend it snuggled under a blanket avoiding the cold outside. Actually as plans go that sounds pretty good……

I did remember that I forgot to include a totally significant happening from last week. Which was that I wore jeans. I know, right. I had to be somewhere for 9am and that time of day in January my brain power wasn’t at a level to find anything interesting and warm to wear. Then, half way through the morning, I noticed a lump behind my knee. I was sat in a room full of people so spent some time attempting to subtly work the mysterious lump down my trouser leg. It turned out to be a pair of pants. I’ve heard about this sort of thing happening to people but it has NEVER happened to me as I put my clothes in the washing basket like a tidy person. But now it has, I feel like I’ve joined some secret group. Also this is why I don’t leave the house that early.

With that significant and fascinating story out of the way we can get on with this week. I didn’t get up to much, but I did still exist, so this week I….

Used the word Prototype

And that’s not a word I use very often. I wasn’t going to share these until they were completely ready, but I’m pretty excited about them so I changed my mind! The very clever Mr Chick is working on some handbags for his shop and they’re pretty awesome. These are a work in progress at the moment, but how cool are they?

Made a very poor life choice

Oh yeah, something significant did happen this week, there was SNOW! The entire world went nuts and everyone I know posted photos from their window of the world looking beautiful and white. Sadly I saw none of that, all I saw was slush and freezing bits of ice blowing in my face as I walked to the Gym.

Honestly I didn’t think it was going to settle at all. As I left the house it looked like a mere snow flurry that would be gone in moments. So I walked to the gym as I always do, in capri leggings and trainers. While I was in the gym I could see the snow coming down pretty heavily and by the time I left I was faced with about an inch of the aforementioned slush. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my toes and my trainers are still wet 3 days later. Also, my shins were an interesting red colour from being blasted with icy winds.

Wrap up warm people!

Kicked myself repeatedly in the shins

And then managed to give myself a bloody lip on someone elses elbow. Does it count as a contact sport injury if you do it to yourself? I now have a very lumpy right shin and putting lipstick on is a struggle. I have also learnt that I shouldn’t skate when I am hungry.

Changed my desktop background

OMG, this really HAS been an exciting week hasn’t it? I decided that in a January kind of way I needed a more inspirational desktop wallpaper. I suspect I had some important work to do and was procrastinating. I searched for inspirational desk top wallpaper and decided I didn’t like any of them, so I made my own in order to extend the procrastinating even longer. If you like my inspirational wallpaper you can download it here.

Got a shiny new Kindle

My Mum and Dad bought me a Kindle Fire tablet for Christmas. I have a very old second hand Kindle at the moment and I absolutely love it so the upgrade was very welcome! Unfortunately I just didn’t get on with the shiny backlit screen. It didn’t feel like reading and there was too much reflection from my bedside light. So I exchanged it for an upgraded regular Kindle, which arrived yesterday! It’s not a Paperwhite (HOW MUCH DO THEY COST!?!) but it’s so much lighter and sleeker than my old one and I love it. Next on the list is to find a cool case for it!

And that was another exciting week in my life.

How was your week?