Shopping is weirdly easy when you have no money.

You see a thing you like and you say “Oh, that’s beautiful, if only I could afford it I would immediately buy it” and then you go away and wear all the clothes you already have. I imagine shopping is also pretty easy if you have unlimited funds, I’m unlikely to ever find out, but I imagine you just go “That’s nice, I’ll buy it”.

Shopping when you have a little bit of money, however, is terribly traumatic. I mean traumatic strictly in the sense that ought to come with a #firstworldproblems attached, obviously, but still. You may remember that I (eventually) got ASOS vouchers for Christmas this year. So far the only thing I have bought with them is a pair of gold Nike hot pants. Even they come with a long and elaborate story that saw me ending up with a pair of too small shorts and a Sports Direct credit note. My list of things I haven’t bought, however, is getting longer by the day.

I feel I need to spend that last voucher on the EXACT right thing, so in todays Friday Frock Love I thought I’d share my reasoning behind some of the dresses currently in the ASOS sale that I HAVEN’T bought yet.

This is just the dresses, we haven’t even touched on the skirts, shoes and handbags…..

Midi Skater Dress with Bardot Neckline

Reasons to buy it – Little Black Dresses are always useful, right? I’ve had my eye on this for a while. It looks versatile.
Reasons not to buy it – I already own a black bardot midi dress, plus several other black jersey dresses. How many do I really need?

Yellow Rose Midi Prom Dress

Reasons to buy it – It’s so pretty! I can imagine myself floating through Summer fields in it. Plus it only has 2 sizes left and one of them is mine, that never happens. It’s also massively reduced, less than half price,
Reasons not to buy it – Do I like florals that much? Or yellow? I’m not sure I do? Or that high neckline?

Horrockses Gingham Floral Midi Dress

Reasons to buy it – I loved it at full price and now it’s in the sale
Reasons not to buy it – It still costs more than my vouchers and I can’t really afford to put more in….

Midi Dress in Stripe

Reasons to buy it – STRIPES! It’s pretty!
Reasons not to buy it – My size is gone, the next size down might fit, but I hate returning things.

Large Floral Pinafore Dress

Reasons to buy it – It’s absurdly cheap, less than half price. It’s also the kind of dress I can imagine flinging on every day in a hot Summer.
Reasons not to buy it – I mentioned my feelings on yellow. Also, I already have several Summer dresses perfect for flinging on every day in hot Summers, what if it rains all year?

Golden Rose Floral Prom Dress

Reasons to buy it – It’s gorgeous, half price, and it has pockets.
Reasons not to buy it – It’s a bit fancy for the pub, which is where I mostly spend my nights out. Also it still costs more than my vouchers.

Metallic Jacquard Midi Prom Dress

Reasons to buy it  –  I wrote about this on All the Dresses earlier this year and I love the metallic fabric, it’s a bit unusual.
Reasons not to buy it – See above. Wetherspoons on a Wednesday afternoon might not be ready for me in a metallic prom dress. Also, maybe the waist is a bit high, do you think the waist is a bit high?

Kimono Sleeve Midi Dress in Painted Floral

Reasons to buy it –  Love that print. Love those sleeves. Love that it’s in the sale.
Reasons not to buy it – High necklines make me look like a troll. Also, orange, I’m not sure I look any better in it that I do in yellow.

Shopping is haaaard!

Which is your favourite? Should I part with my vouchers or store them up for later in the year?